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" "Art is in the minds energy, and the minds eye determines what is beautiful" Have you paint with all the colors of the wind? Have you sing with all the voices of the mountains?"

************* My name is Nelly :

Artist and cosmetologist,who loves art to the extreme!!! :)

NVJasmin I was born in Ponce,Puerto Rico. When I was 10 my father helped my creative spirit flourish and encouraged my imagination through art. I began so serious approach art in 1995, starting with graphite and charcoal drawings, creating sketches ,and painting in oils and acrylics.Beauty and passion is always on my mind when my paint brush is in my hand.I really enjoy art and I will love to continue creating vivid paintings combining vivid colors with piercingly soulful expressions, from me to you with my heart open.

New projects and news: I am doing few exhibits ,here in west melbourne . With the work and colaboration of Lynn Brezinna ,a great friend ,I am getting lots of positive comments and feedbacks about my work . I am showing my work at BCA still , and now at BCC community college here in melbourne. I love the idea to be able to show all my work local and thru all brevard county with BCA (Brevard Cultural Alliance) Art at public places. Thank you!! NVJasmin

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