Artist Bio

Self Portrait

Bursting into existence full of vim, I quickly realized I would have to learn to walk, talk and control my bodily functions before beginning my rise to prominence. Undaunted by this inequity, I survived childhood only to arrive at adulthood with little more manual dexterity than I started with, fortunately the bodily functions thing was my forte. Now, as a pentagenarian, I've learned to accept being a child and even made a career of it, but the title "artist" sounds better. After mastering and subsequently forgetting all my traditional artist training, I've ventured into the unknown areas of artistic expression with experimental techniques such as my "oozings" which fall under the category of "aleatoric art," which incorporates elements of chance into the creative process, thus allowing me to venture beyond my own imagination. The latest evolution of my oozings involves inking over the abstract brushless paintings to bring out the complex random details and impose upon them my personal illustrative interpretation, in a sense coming full cycle. Examples of this body of work can be seen in the latter part of my portfolio.

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