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Graphic designer / web developer by day - watercolor artist by night and raiser of wild children (can't forget that, as those kids keep her feeling young and spry!), Jennifer stays very busy creating and garnering inspiration from everyday things. Best known these last few years with her ball jar series, Jen has also dabbled in painting tiny little playthings who get themselves into funny situations (her kids set up the scenes and she would paint them). She loves rendering complex florals in watercolor, any kind of fuzzy face you can think of and scenes that relax her, like a warm summer beach. As you can see in her portfolio, her work is extensive, her genre, vast. There is nothing she won't try (except painting before having coffee. Bad idea.)

Jennifer loves to paint very detailed, applying layers and layers of transparent colors to achieve lots of depth and dimension. She can spend upwards of 20 hours on a painting if she is really into it. Those would be, in particular, the ball jars with the toys inside for example. She also loves to paint loose, which gives her brain a break from the tightness in her earlier works and allows her to play with the paint on the surface and see what it can do, using more water, alcohol and sometimes salt to achieve more abstract looks. Jen always uses the best in materials to paint the things she loves: Daniel Smith watercolors, Dynasty Black Gold brushes and her painting surface is Ampersand Aquabord or Canson 140 lb watercolor paper.

Jennifer’s art has been featured in many group and solo shows in the Tennessee Valley over the past 10 years. Her original work is sought out by collectors all across the globe. Her new paintings in the coming year will (hopefully) both please her collectors and attract new ones. Her paintings have been featured in national magazines and have been published countless times in local media. Her art is now finding new homes on a global scale thanks to licensing, so now everyone can enjoy the works of art that she has envisioned and created. She is now selling in Home Goods stores, TJ Maxx, Marshall's and other shops all across the nation and TK Maxx in the UK. This year she hopes she can increase the amount of stores that sell her designs. Jennifer has 3 fabric lines, several illustrations for children's books as well as a few technical text books for college. She has also won 3 ADDY awards for her design work.

The latest news about Jen is that her work is now on PRODUCTS! That's right, she is working with a UK based company that is creating amazing coasters, placemats, sandwich trays and the like (for worldwide distribution). Also, a German company is creating napkins using her coffee designs. Here in the U.S., she now has a collection of decorative pillows, boxed cards and ceramics! As these gorgeous items come out for purchasing, links will be posted here on this site!

Another exciting venue Jen and crew are getting themselves into is designing and distributing their own merchandise line! The Redstreake brand is growing, there will be much to share in the coming months! Stay tuned!

Jennifer feeds her craving to create art by drinking tankards of coffee and eating lots of spicy Mexican food ladened with green chili. She happily resides with her kids and partner in crime in Huntsville, Alabama.

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