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Always curious and wanting to learn, I spent much of my childhood in a corner somewhere with a pencil and pad, listening to someone's story, portraying it in my mind, and then into my drawings. I did not receive any formal art training but developed my technique and style by studying, drawing and painting my own versions of my favorite artist's works and everything around me. My two favorite mediums are acrylics and pencil. The images I create are intentionaly realistic as I strive to capture the true play of color, light and shadow. My paintings are influenced by my love for Ancient Egypt, mythology figures, the amazing beauty of the human body,the many expresions of the human face, and the light and dark sides of life. I have also been inspired by my dad's many talents and the incredible works of BORIS VALLEJO, Julie Bell and Luis Royo.

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I hope my art will brink you enjoyment. Thank you and please visit again.

NEW BOOK FEATURING MY ART "IMAGINE 2005,Undiscovered Talent of Fantasy" is a great book compiled by Jenni Mills.It features fabulous fantasy art from around 50 different artists around the world, including two of my favorites Jennifer Singleton and Katerina Koukiotis Check it out!: "IMAGINE 2005"

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