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This program was created to earn additional income for our Premium Members.

Premium Members have the ability to sell professional-quality prints of their artwork in dozens of sizes and formats. You can also sell dozens of products that feature your artwork such as mousepads, drink mugs, etc. This program brings more exposure to the artists on our site and also puts some money into the hands of these talented individuals.

We offer dozens of different sizes from 3x5" up to 36 x 48 inch prints, depending on the resolution of the images you upload. These prints are available as photographic prints, poster prints, canvas prints, and many other materials.

Click here for a complete list of all the paper sizes and minimul resolution requirements for the prints we offer.

You can also sell canvas prints and personal items such as mouse pads, mugs, t-shirts, puzzles, magnets, and much more of your artwork. Click here to view a complete list of the products offered to sell.

Not all artwork on ArtWanted is for sale. You can use our search engine to filter out only the arwork that is for sale. When you click on the thumbnail image to view the large image, you will see the purchase options to the right side of the image.

To view the prints/products that are available to purchase, click on the blue VIEW PRODUCTS button. Here you will see a list of all the products that can be ordered. Select the product, then select the sizes/option on the right side. You can adjust the position of the image on the final product, then click the orange ADD TO CART button to start the checkout process.

We offer 4 ways to ship out the prints: First Class Mail, Priority Mail, 2nd Day Express and Overnight service. All methods except for first class will have a tracking number available to track package shipping. Shipping options depend on the products ordered and the country they are being shipped to.

We ship to 92 countries around the world with AirMail & Express mail options.

The price of shipping will be calculated at the time of order and will depend on the method of shipping, number of products ordered, sizes of prints, and destination.

Orders will be shipped out within 1-3 days of the order being placed.

Yes. All high-resolution artwork that is uploaded for our print program is saved to our secure server archives and not accessible to the public. These high-res images can not be downloaded, printed or viewed by the public. They are safely tucked away, only to be used by our staff in the case of a print order.

All high-resolution images that are uploaded to our site are resized to only 750 pixels in width/height at a low resolution for display on the artist's portfolio. The images on display of any of our artist's portfolios are low-resolution files that are not suitable for printing.

As an additional feature, we store these high-resolution files as a safe backup for you. If you ever have a hard drive crash, you can feel safe knowing that a copy of your digital images is stored by ArtWanted. You can download these digital files at any time from your MANAGE PORTFOLIO page.

The Glossy and Matte print finishes are printed on Kodak Edge while Kodak Endura is used for our Lustre finish.

Kodak Edge paper is an exceptional state-of-the-art, silver-halide paper for making direct digital prints from digital files. This paper delivers enhanced color reproduction, state-of-the-art image stability, and is optimized to work well in digital imaging systems.

Kodak Edge Key Features:

  • Bold, bright colors
  • Excellent flesh tone reproduction
  • Fine detail in highlights and shadows
  • Exceptional sharpness and clarity
  • Long-lasting prints—that last a lifetime*
  • Spectacular print quality with digital exposure
  • Distinctive KODAK Paper backprint
  • Excellent image stability (Over 200 years before noticeable fading in the most common home storage conditions, with double the stability of any other non-Kodak silver halide paper)

    Kodak Endura paper is a workhorse of a paper, and it's robust. It features soft/smooth flesh-tone reproduction and enhanced highlight and shadow detail. The paper's moderate contrast and pleasing color saturation work well in a variety of photographic applications from portraits/weddings to commercial shoots. Since its inception, KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Paper Imaging Emulsion Technology has become Kodak’s standard for photographic image output.

    Kodak Endura Key Features:

  • Brighter, more saturated colors
  • Neutral tone scale from highlights to shadows
  • Consistent print quality from digital printers
  • State-of-the-art image longevity* (100 years before noticeable fading in typical home display and 200 years dark storage under the most common storage conditions).
  • Excellent reproduction of skin tones with neutral flesh reproduction from highlights to shadows
  • Realistic color saturation and color accuracy
  • Vibrant greens, blues, magentas and reds
  • Natural-looking whites
  • Tone scale is neutral from highlights through to shadows
  • Professional Do Not Copy backprint

    As you can see, both paper types are high-quality with a very long archival time to keep the prints looking beautiful for years to come.