Artist Bio

Self Portrait

I grew up in the Santa Clara Valley, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and oak trees. Except for the four years of my military service, I've lived in the valley all of my life. When I was very young, I was fortunate enough to have lived on a small ranch. It was nestled in the hills, next to a creek among the oak groves. I have no doubt these surroundings greatly influenced my art. I'm also inspired by the creations from other artists. Quite often I mimic their styles and techniques, in an effort to learn and improve. At times, I enjoy experimenting and doing different types of art, incorporating a variety of subject matter. I like sharing my art, always looking forward to people's opinions, criticism, and ideas. I'm actually my own worst critic, seldom satisfied with my work.

Simply put, I do art for my own self-satisfaction. There are no hidden messages, ideals, or revelations being expressed in what I do. I know that's not very glamorous or trendy, but that's how it is. So if by chance, one of my creations sparks interest, brings pleasure or ends up adorning the wall in someone's home, then for me, that's the icing on the cake.

Artist Highlights