Artist Bio

Self Portrait

I am a self taught Puerto Rico/German artist born and raised in Chicago known as Cocoa (coconut). I began creating mosaic art in the spring of 2000, but it was not until early 2004 that I began to sell the pieces I created. With that came a problem, be it a good one, too much demand and not enough supply. In September of 2004 I completed a six-week course with “World Renowned Mosaic Artist, Khaim Pinkhasik”. I intentionally omitted the fact that I had a general knowledge of the art so I could learn from the bottom up. I hoped to grasp techniques and methods to shave time and gain confidence in my process. I had so many design ideas with no idea how to put them to work.

I have expanded my work from creating designs on objects (functional art) to expressing myself through images. I hand cut all the stained glass and ceramics and blend all cement and mortar colors making each piece unique and one of a kind. Each piece is created of it’s own unique inspiration, sometimes the design inspires the color and other times the color dictates the design. People are a good source of motivation, their personalities or a situation they’re going through. And least not forget I use my art to express and channel emotions I am confronted with as well. I do not follow any specific technique other than trying to “feel” the piece that I am working on. If I don’t feel that connection it’s difficult, and at times seems painful to continue and/or complete the piece.

Artist Highlights