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Self Portrait

I am an intuitive photographer mainly follow my senses making pictures of what comes on my path and focused on the unusual quiet and beauty.

My interest for photography was awaked because one day in July 2007 I had to make pictures of products for my webshop. And by doing this my curiosity and enjoyment were activated to continue and improve each time.

As a child about 7 years old I was very curious and special on the hidden things. I was often looking under the grass or in the water between the plants to see what is living there, not aware of disturbing the nature. Now I am as curious as in my childhood, but much more carefull and with a camera in my hand.

My pictures are pure and natural, however sometimes I arrange objects or use double layer. Often nature itself offers me a chance of perfection.

I hope you enjoy my photos! Feel free to comment, constructive criticism or tips to learn from. Thank you so much for all your wonderful support!

Most of my photos prints are for sale for 25 USD size 30 x 21 cm - framed in black or beige pass-partout.

L.J.M. Overvliet

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