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01 Jan, 2015

Hi Dear Friends and Members of AW. Thank You for taking the time to check out this blog and for your interest.Another year has passed with all its joys and sorrows. Our hearts go out to those of you who have lost someone near and dear to your heart.We know personaly because a dear family member left us and went to Heaven!May the God of all comfort,bring comfort to you during this very sorrowful time.

As we enter into a New Year it is our Hope that You and Your Families will have a New Year full of Joy,Peace,Love,Good Health and Prosperity.

A Very Great Talented Artist said to me once in a e-mail "that we live on a very angry planet".May we witness in 2015 Greater Love touching this hurting world and touching the hearts of men and women!!!

Keep reaching for your dreams!!! Faith unlocks the door to our Dreams Life!!!

Thank You all Dear Friends and Family and AW members for all your Very Kind Encouraging words in 2014...Greatly Appreciated your visits and Your Encouragement!!! Hugs...Dee&David :):)

Wishing You Beautiful Day, Dee&David :):)


22 Nov, 2014

Hi Dear Friends,

Thank You so very much for your prayers concerning my Dear Loving Husband David.The doctors removed the cancer and David is now cancer free...Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I go to see the cancer specialist in Jan 2015...hopefully we will Both be cancer free!!!

Last month I had the privilege to do a photo shoot with the FANTASTIC makeup company SHERIFF PROFESSIONAL!!!

Thank You for stopping by and leaving such kind Encouraging words they are Always Greatly Appreciated!!!

Faith is the Key that unlocks the door to our Dreams in Life!!!... Faith is a Gift...Keep The Faith!!!

Wishing You and Yours a Beautiful Day!!!Hugs...Dee&David :):)


11 Nov, 2014

Hi Dear Friends of AW.

I have been away lately due to the flu virus since the middle of Oct!Just starting to regain my strength.For those of you who know David my Dear Loving Husband,please keep him in your prayers.Last month He had a biopsy done to see if he has cancer.We both have apts this month to see if either of us has cancer. Our Faith has been challenged and we continue to Trust in God with the unknown.

Thank You for stopping by and leaving such kind words of Encouragement,they are always Greatly Appreciated.

Faith is the Key that unlocks our Dreams in Life!!! Keep the Faith!!!

Wishing You and Yours, A Beautiful Day! Hugs...Dee&David


23 Sep, 2014

Hi to you All Dear Friends and AW members.I want to Thank You for stopping by and for all of your Very Kind words of Encouragement they means sooooo very much to us.

Special Thanks to those of you who commented on our Dear sister-in-laws memorial photo of Helen's Iris.For those of you who have lost a family member or a friend to cancer our heart goes out to you and we feel so very sorry for your great loss.

Life is a precious gift...Hold on to Your Loved Ones...Keep pursing your Dreams...Keep the Faith!!!

If you have a paint brush...then paint... If You have a song... then sing... If you have a piano..then play... If you have a camera ...then capture... If You have a pen ...then write... If You have an idea...then share... For dreams are made from small beginnings.

Faith is the Key that unlocks our Dreams in Life!!! May Your Day be Blessed!!! God Bless!!!

Wishing You and Yours a Beautiful Day! Dee&David


15 Jun, 2014

Great to be back on this site again.I had to take a break because of some health issues and also our computer almost crashed on us with a blue screen and black out.Truly an answer to our prayers when we got our computer up and running like new!!!Amazing Techs and Staff!!!Back in April I had the privilege to do a photoshoot With the SHERIFF PROFESSIONAL'S MUA's Students models...Very Talented Makeup Artists and Beautiful Models to photograph.Looks like it will be a few more months before the doctors know if any cancer growth is happening .Faith is the Key that unlocks the door to our Dreams in Life!!!Keep reaching for your Dreams!!!Thank You for stopping by wishing you a Beautiful Day!!!God Bless!!!Dee&David :):)


29 Jan, 2014

Hi Dear Friends and members of AW, David&I would like to Thank those of you who have been reading my blog ...Thanks for your concern and for your prayers they are Greatly Appreciated!!!

I saw a cancer specialist the other day and He seems optimistic that I may not have cancer...I have an apt in 3 months with the cancer specialist to verify if I'm cancer free which would be 5yrs for me this Year.Thank God!!!

Well I do not know what doors will be open For DEE JOBES PHOTOGRAPHY This Year.I'm Very Thankful for All The Great People I met and got to photograph and work with in 2013!!! I'm wondering which Doors God will open for us in 2014!!!

Hold on to Your Loved Ones... Keep Pursuing Your Dreams ...Keep The Faith!!!

Faith is the key that unlooks the Door to our Dreams in Life!!!

Wishing You and Your Loved Ones a Beautiful..Healthy... Prosperous and Blessed New Year!!! p.s. for those of You who stop by and leave Encouraging Kind words...They are Always Greatly Appreciated!!! Wishing You a Beautiful Day!!! Hugs...Dee&David :):)


12 Nov, 2013

Hi to all Dear Friends and members of AW,

To those of you who may be reading this... So much going on these last few months with Fashion shows...meeting amazing people...Photographing amazing models and people and great fashion designs along with my Fav people with SHERIFF PROFESSIONAL lately.

Also I have been busy with doctor apts for the diabietes and I recently had a cancer apt for my mouth with an upcoming biopsy a head of me in the near future.I don't smoke ...I don't drink and yet the Diabeties could be the reason for a possible cancer growth in my mouth. Diabetes has been linked to many oral health problems including dangerous sores that could develop into cancer. “Oral leukoplakia” is one such condition that has no symptoms.I have been diagnosed by a cancer specialist that I have Oral leukoplakia and the doctor is waiting to see if it is cancer. 5yrs ago this Dec I was diagnosed with a different cancer and almost died.

We just never know what is ahead of us on this journey in Life...Cherish each day and see it as a Gift...and Share it with those you Love.

I know Who holds my future and I place it in HIS Loving Hands.David&I are hopeful for a good outcome.

Thanks for listening ...David&I hope you have a Beautiful Day full of blessings from above! God Bless, Sincerely Dee


Nira Dabush 07 Dec 2013

Hello Dee. I'm sure you know by now that at the 2013, I haven't visit really AW, Except for several posts, and the reason is the "PEEPING" Team, and the fact that many of my friends in this sites become spies on my private life and PC. Quite rarely I read your blog, I'm sorry to say... Yet those who see themselves as my REAL friends, even if in virtual world always find this way to my mail box, especially for personal stories. As far as I can remember I supported MANY Artists from this site in comments and for sure in personal mails. For me, friendship is the ability to write and get a reply and answer for what you writing. I see this as the AB, ALFABET of any relationship. I'm sorry to hear of your ilness, as far as I know, Mouth cancer usually can come from smoking and drinking alcohol... I don't think there is any connection what so ever, to the fact you are diabetic. I suggest you check the internet, for reasons... ANYWAY... I hope that what you're having in your mouth is not too serous, Dee. And wishing you speedy recovery. 2 days ago or so, died an actor in Israel, I know he suffered from cancer in his throat.. HE WAS VERY CHARMING.. One of the best Israeli comedian. There are posts in my FB. A relative of mine died from cancer in his mouth. I'm happy for you, that you enjoy the change in your photography, and can only wish you more development, and GOOD LUCK. I think those who are close to you, would prefer to listen to you in your real life, and hug you in REAL LIFE, Or in mails. It seems to me much more natural. Wishing you and David.. HEALTH and love, Dee. I wish you to stay away from those try to dictate people on this site, and other site, THe Dr. team I mean, who is an abuser, who enjoy the privacy of the other... as well as "his people" AND OTHERS THAT HE MADE INVOLVED IN... Open your eYeS to truth in your life, and trustful people.. Sending you my personal blessing. Be strong... and embrace your reality. God bless you and yours. Sincerely NIRA.


05 Jul, 2013

Hi to all Dear Friends and Members of AW.At the beginning of the year I made a comment that has really impacted David's & my life. In the last few months David&I have really witnessed these words come to life;"Faith is the key that unlocks our dreams in Life". I'm wondering which doors will be open in 2013? Well,I can say that many doors have been opening for our business lately.I had the privilege of photographing a fashion show and meeting some amazing people.I met and had the privilege and Honor to photograph such amazing beautiful ladies from SHERIFF PROFESSIONAL; the Beautiful Owner Carla and her beautiful daughters along with some of the beautiful cosmeticians who are with SHERIFF PROFESSIONAL. I have been in contact with with the Amazing SHERIFF PROFESSIONAL Family since that day and hopefully I will be working for them in the near future.It was just last year around April that there was serious concern for my eye sight...Thank God they are functioning well these days so that I can continue to do the camera work that I soooooo enjoy and love doing!Yes,God is Alive and is the Maker of our dreams!!!Thank You for taking the time to visit. Hopefully this will encourage your heart if your waiting on a dream or a prayer in your life!!!With God All Things are Possible!!!David&I hope you have a Beautiful Day!!!


23 Jan, 2013

Hi to all our Dear Friends and Members of AW.Well, it is the beginning of a New Year for David&me and for our business.I have been ill with a respiratory infection since Christmas of 2012 and I'm starting to feel better.Last Year was a year of alot of doctors apts with highly skilled eye specialists for whom I Thank God; and I'm sooooooo excited to say that my eyesight is now restored! Last year was also an exciting year doing portrait work, which I love to do;and meeting and working with some amazing people along the way!Thank You to those of you that I had the privilege of photographing in 2012 and working with!****Thank You to You Dear Friends and members of AW for all Your Very Kind words of Encouragement they are always Greatly Appreciated!Looking forward to visiting with you all throughout the year! "Faith is the Key that unlocks the doors to our Dreams in Life"...I'm Wondering which doors will be open in 2013?Thank You for visiting!!!With Love&prayers...David& I hope you have a Beautiful Day and a Great New Year!!!


19 Jul, 2012

Dear customers,clients and friends of DEE JOBES PHOTOGRAPHY, Recently, it has come to our attention when we or our clients search for our business name, on the internet, that our business is being associated with artists at the Artwanted message board, which we have never encaged in conversation with.We have not given them permission to use our business name.We have no desire to be associated with the questionable subject matter of these artists.We have contacted the staff at Artwanted to promptly look into this matter of serious concern and to take the appropriate actions required.