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The Ulster Martyrs (1998)

Jason, Mark and Richard Quinn were killed in Ulster when their house was fire bombed in the violence there. In war, it is always the innocent who suffer. This painting was accepted in the Contemporary Art Gallery Louisiana Open in 1999.


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Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 27 Mar 2005

This is a very poignant portrait of three little innocents whose lives were snuffed out in the most meaningless way. This is a reminder to those who perpetrated this sensless crime. ( as they have committed scores of atrocities before this and continue to do so.)

jorge gallardo 06 Jul 2004

Excellent tribute! It would make them proud!

Karen Mansey 05 Jul 2004

What a trio, cheeky I bet.

Renata Cavanaugh 05 Jul 2004

I love the expressions!

Pat Abbott 05 Jul 2004

A very lovely portrait.