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The Twin Towers (2001)

Painted shortly after the attack on 911, I was struck by the paradox between the horror of the event and the curious beauty of the blasts.

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Tim Linville 28 Jan 2014

And So Many Years Later...Is the Story Remembered the Same?I Was Stunned by the Scene as Well,David.It Changed Everything in My Life,so Far from It.And Then...I Saw a Great Truth.One Not to Be Denied.Beautiful Colorwork.The Trees are Like a Lifeline to Normalcy,in a Crazy Erupted Scene.

Michael Kennedy 21 Oct 2005

No doubt a very heart felt piece of work here and a very interesting dramatic painting. But did you know that someone painted this scene before it happened. don't know the artist though.

Masrur Imani 01 Nov 2004

This artwork realistically represent the moment of a terrible tragedy.

Lucas Seven 24 Sep 2004

...this also deserves a death count, so we can remember what our goals are all about...an Army of 5000+...

Nelly Martinez-Solis 22 Jul 2004

really impressive and good work on this acrylic, you are really a good artist.