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this is my newest RP Char Xd I know I need a life but I couldn't resist adopting her from the pound... she's a lost soul here's the poem for her

the dead come to haunt the living
can you handle the guild of killing the one who loved you the most?
can you handle the haunt of the one who will not let go?
for now you see the true power of what was, is and will always be..


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Jhatonna Turner 20 Mar 2005

Awesome design on this and the colored one! Hey I have more than 5 accounts with adopted neopets. All of them are painted neopets to^^ I'll sit and wait ever so patiently waiting for some one to dump one then click on it as fast as possible before someone elseswhere does.^^

Ashley Veldhuis 17 Aug 2004

I like the flames around the creature and chains on the coller

Marit Clarendon 17 Aug 2004

Awesome design here! It reminds me of tattoo art. The fire and chains are a nice touch as well.