My Friend,Renata Cavanaugh.In many ways,Renata is the Spirit of Artwanted. Her Creativity is only Surpassed by the Devotion to Love.While I bumble around like a Boy playing in the yard,Wishing for Art time...Renata is Always Creating Art.Her Commissions are Stunning.The Works I hold can Hypnotize the Eye,as well as lead the Imagination.And THIS is what makes Her Great.It's the Inspiration Factor.You can't KNOW Her,without wanting to DO Better.She is the only Ranking Member of Aw I have ever shown My Face to.She is a Light,in the Darkness.My Wishes for Her Family are Always the Best.I have the Greatest Artistic Respect.For the Queen of Chaos.

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kevin ong'any 24 Mar 2014

brilliant piece tim, whenever you touch graphite it turns into gold..

Stewart Fowler 22 Feb 2014

She is indeed a beauty, more importantly a inspiration. excellent work!

yves colas 15 Feb 2014

wonderfull portrait,very alive.superbly done,as always.

John Cappello 12 Feb 2014

I Love Your Formats & Ideas! The Mood and View of This One picture in Particular Has A very Touching Appeal

Irena Dukule 08 Feb 2014

I like your pencil work, wonderful