You always hear about barometric pressure falling just ahead of a storm front. So you can usually expect bad weather ahead, right? But what about societal pressure? When it rises, we see things begin to happen. Think about it. The pandemic opened the door to all this social unrest. You could say the virus lit the fuse but one and then another instance of injustice brought the whole mountain down. What better time to protest than when your usual schedule has been disrupted. You are not working, you are not in school, you've lost that low-end dead end service oriented job. You feel helpless and angry. That old expression---'one thing leads to another' has been brought home with a BANG over the past months. This is a 5 by 3 inches gel pen sticky pad drawing. I also used color gel pen and color pencil. It's yet another small piece of Original Jones Art to add to the others here in northwest Austin, Texas.

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