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Usually means a monetary compromise but in this instance it could pertain to a mental or emotional negotiation between two quantities. I mean, it's a definite possibility. I remember a few instances of this in professional and interpersonal interactions, though I seemed to be the one who gave way on average. Oh well. What's Original Jones Art going to do but hash out matters that have already turned to cement here in northwest Austin, Texas.


Anonymous Guest

Rick Corbett 13 May 2022

Another thought provoking piece. For me, art is both mental and emotional. I try to pour all of my emotion into each piece. I look deep within myself as I create each piece. Your work always inspires me and truly touches my heart and soul.

Ray Steele 13 May 2022

You have wonderfully weekend Mr Jones

Artist Reply: You too, Ray. Try to stay out of trouble now. :)