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Weed Demon 'Trunker'

In an era where the plants will try to eat you, these nightmarish mutant growths take it a step further and will also absorb their still living human prey. The weed demon can appear in three terrifying forms: the young, green walker-like ‘stalker’, the multi-legged giant ‘trunker’, and finally, their ultimate tree bristling adult form as the ‘mounder’. Each age variety is equipped with the same toxin tipped stabbing limbs and ravenous need for the minerals, liquids and bones of their favoured humanoid prey. The weed demon is our 19th Monday Mutant offering for The Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG. This supplement includes stats and art for three size variants of this new, highly aggressive mutant plant; the stalker, the trunker and the massive, hill-like mounder. Within these fierce, fast moving hunters are the remains of past human victims, along with their stuff. I’ve included a massive 1d100 random loot table with this new creature, which offers a wide range of junk, curiosities and treasure that’s tangled within the bone fused roots of these damn things.

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