I Find Love Moves like Seasons. Between Some People, Love comes like the Rain, and Storms, and is Accepted the same as a Sunny Day. The Face in this Image, is My Wife, Rhonda. She's Best on Sunny Days. I have Loved Her through every Season. As an Artist, it is Known that My Kind Suck at Love. I'm no Different than Van Gogh...and have Strange, almost Eerie Similarities to Klimt. In that I have always Found Rhonda to be My Love. My Life. My Inspiration, while being My Dream, She can Role Play as My Nightmare. Never has a Face or Spirit Reached Me Deeper, while Playing like a Kitten. I've Looked. Searched. I have Included Her in Visual Aspect Eight Times. Not many Artists have tried to Say "I Love You" so Many Times, to One Muse. I would Like to Live Long Enough to See a Thousand and More. But Still...I've got Alot to Learn about Love.


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yves colas 29 Mar 2014

amazing work as habit,you have a great talent...

kevin ong'any 06 Mar 2014


John Cappello 19 Jun 2012

My Eyes almost bulging out of my Head,Looking. My face Frozen in Astonishment!

Aqua1955 04 Jan 2011

perfect Tim... in every way and shape

Andree Lerat 28 Dec 2010

Another elegant drawing.

Dannette Swabey 28 Oct 2008

What a lovely piece, she's beautiful

katie cafaro 01 Oct 2008

wow ur so great at faces! do u do that thing where you graph out a face first? ive been trying that but it always makes the eyes too big

Leah Jaarveth 07 Nov 2006

wow, beautiful :)

David Meaux 17 Sep 2006

Awesome stuff. Guess your wife's pretty hot then!?! -Mo

Cathy Holford 06 Mar 2006

Such grace and form. Fab shading.

Ralph Miller 22 Nov 2005

Love this one she's hot!

Gayle Taylor 13 Oct 2005

She's very intruiging (did I spell that right??!!), story or not!!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 08 Oct 2005

I love your world of creativity!!! Great work of beautifull people!!!!!

Carolin Schweizer 26 Sep 2005

Hi Timi, nice Elfi. Sorry for the pun, I couldn´t resist. Thank you for the kind words on my art. And Obviously the only way to thank you is taking a close look at your artwork. I figured that this one is one of my favorites of your artworks. The shape is monolithic and harmonic. Face looks innocent yet seems to give away some of her character. Since you don´t know any story for your Elfi you might have overseen the ropes you tied her up with...since she is your wifey I can just think of many stories your hand was thinking of while drawing it. Seriously, I love all your art. You can handle the pencil so well and you have this feeling for a smooth contrast. But what makes you unique is the expression in the faces and the string like hair. Always a pleasure to browse by.

chelsey jones 26 Sep 2005

wow i love the line sthat compose the body among other things theirs somthing...entranceing about this drawing

May Madly 26 Aug 2005

What I could say on a very talented artist like you! this's soo NICE

Emily Reed 29 Jul 2005

Very nice figure, so curvaceous!

Alicja Kocaj 02 May 2005

You are great artist,this pic is so beautiful,she is so #@&y,exellent pencil work!

Angelica Vutselo 18 Apr 2005

beautiful work, Tim :)

Loredana 14 Apr 2005

Fantastic she is gorgeous Tim fab work :)

Beth Snow 09 Apr 2005

what can i say- i agree with all the other comments posted- its simply perfect!


This is the girl of my dreams, fantastic, How did you know !

Casey Catton 26 Mar 2005

what an elf! nice job Tim! :)

Renate Janssen 26 Mar 2005

Beautiful elf - nice eyes

kristie taylor 22 Feb 2005

YEAH!!! A beautiful elf, I love her ears!!!

Renata Cavanaugh 22 Feb 2005

Well Tim if she resembles your wife even a little....you are a lucky man....she is beautiful

Maria van Bruggen 22 Feb 2005

Love this one, such a special expression :)

joan warburton 21 Feb 2005

She is so beautiful, Tim. Congratulations on top ten!

Aleczandra Kulig 21 Feb 2005

Very seductive drawing! Excellent use of shading and detail on her. I like the eroticness of this one! Great job as always Tim! Thumbs up!

Nira Dabush 20 Feb 2005

iT'S ALL ABOUT great pencil's work,Tim.Marvelous work...and I guess your wife is very good looking.

S Darbee 20 Feb 2005

she is super hot. her cloth is also very well done...hee *blush* shes in bondage...

francis kwok peng kin 20 Feb 2005

She's a stunning beauty...

eileen martin 20 Feb 2005

beautiful pencil work

sher richardson 20 Feb 2005

lovely provacative work tim ... gentle feel...

Blonde Blythe 20 Feb 2005

Gorgeous--as is all your work! ;-)

Joke Schotting 20 Feb 2005

Beautiful pencil Tim

stan jones 20 Feb 2005

and what a pencil you have or is it our eyes and mind that make your pencil follow your hand stunning lines and detail keep it up tim love your work

Katerina Koukiotis 20 Feb 2005

beautiful pose and shading excellent Tim!

teresa greene 20 Feb 2005

Wow shes a beauty!

thea walstra 20 Feb 2005

Great bodyline and look in her eyes. Your shading is superb.