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Carolina Casanova 18 Apr 2006

I love your sketches XDDD they're full of life ^__^

Stefano Terry 11 Apr 2006

he's really cool. he gives off a kind of Castlevania, Belmont vibe.

Jennifer Adcock 19 Apr 2005

Nice shading. Deffinitally a bishonen to be. :) I want those boots. You should put a background on him.

Gaara Sabaku No 14 Apr 2005

Wow, have a look on mine too.

Brandon Moses 15 Mar 2005

You draw as if you have had professional training,( I see this by your proportions),but I'm not saying that good old fashion self taught art isnt just as well. It just looks that way to me...

Artist Reply: No pro training here just good old fashioned home grown stuff and lots of frustrating times >>