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The definition of that phrase is to try to make something happen later instead of sooner, to delay. It's funny, really. There are things we'd like accelerated in our lives---wealth, maturity, matrimony, success. Wealth is not an indicator of success, by the way. Some rather worthless individuals have been born with it, as we all know. So what are the things we'd like delayed? The aging process and the eventual death, I suppose. There's an ad on YouTube where a 39-year old male is telling how he had begun to notice crow's feet and other wrinkles so decided to try botox. Talk about being self-absorbed and vain. And so a company is advertising for other such folk, equally self-entitled and vain, to take advantage of 'the product.' This is a 6 by 4.5 inches gel pen with color pencil drawing on medium bond acid-free paper. Original Jones Art plays for time in a visual way here in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Dave Matke 16 days ago

Agree with your sentiment here Charles . Botox is only temporary anyway. Best to just eat right, exercise and take care of yourself. Hard to stop the inevitable going "over the hill" . A lot of people try though and wind up looking transmogrified from plastic surgery. That said , long live your art : ) Best to you this thanksgiving holiday !

Artist Reply: Yes, they look like something out of a freak show of old. It's an illness, this phobia of the aging process. Or maybe they're just trying to tweak something that's better left alone. I'm sure there a lot of them who wish they had. And Happy Thanksgiving with lots of your favorite pie to you, Dave. :)