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With my roots in photography, all of the digital capabilities are amazing, processing, filter enhancement or alterations to composites, new creations and beyond. I work in quite a few programs and get great enjoyment out of exploring the seemingly endless possibilities available to us in the digital world these days. AI has added a new element to the artworld for better or worse, it's worth exploring which I have had much fun with an have included as one aspect of my art. I'm also taking the time to work with traditional mediums, creating and learning on paper with finishing touch done in the computer. "Elements of Ginger" is the result of me continuing to learn and push myself in the digital environment with the numerous brushes and drawing tools available. Created on a 'blank digital canvas', in Adobe Fresco, with additional finishing touches in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, this was an exercise and learning art experience, and my first attempt at a portrait, no reference image used. Life is a learning experience, and when you can have fun along your journey, then all the better! Copyright © Vicki K. Pelham


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Laura Baroudi 12 days ago

WOW ! Beautiful composition Vicki! I am so untechy that I do not understand or use any digitial aspects! I love photography, so I wish I could afford a "real" camera and I would be very interested in learning the technical aspects of its benefits! You really have a lot of skill in both the physical and digital forms of art! Love the ginger hair the beutiful blue eyes! Beautiful portrait! Love it!:)

Nira Dabush 13 days ago

Great portrait my friend Vicky. Superb colour use jn such kovely expression.