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This group is for digital painters. A place to discuss newest works, software, tips, sites to visit, artists to check out. This group will center mostly on Digital painters that actually do the painting using art software or photo editing software that includes painting options & drawing. If you are an artist that uses more of the auto convert software that changes a photo to an artistic medium effect you are welcomed to join in, but when posting a work e honest and let us know how you did it. I have done some works this way or a combination of them. I am also including those that use a combination of digitally painting and manipulations I have done those as well. I like to use effects to add 3D elements and more. I love taking a painting I have done that I like the colors and creating a new work manipulating them into mandalas, and kaleidoscopes, adding reflective effects and distortions. This is place to ask how and share what software & tips you use. I want to encourage those who think they can't do more of the work themselves to learn to do it, and have fun doing so. The artists that use more of posing and 3D rendering programs to create fantastic landscapes, models, and fantasy scenes may want to start a group that centers on that. I am just starting to learn how to do that, so not able to give much help on that area. I do think that needs a group to focus on that. I plan to learn to do it and combine my own works with some of those features. Those that are doing fractal works may also want to start a focus group. I am just learning a little on that, and am more interested in combining painting with fractals to create works. If you digitally paint, or are interested in learning, this is the place to stop in. I would love to start some subtopics groups here and am open to suggestions. Arguments are welcomed if constructive, but not rude attacks. This is a sharing and learning area. My own opinions are subject to change upon enlightenment on a subject. Humor is always welcomed here.

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