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One used to say, "Have you heard the news?' And folks would answer aye or nay. Nowadays, there seems to be a blurring or smearing of what should be crystal clarity. Of course, what's news for one isn't always grist for the thought mill for someone else. But language does evolve/devolve over time. This is a 6 by 4.5 inches gel pen with color pencil drawing on medium bond acid-free paper. Original Jones Art makes a point to point out the little things in northwest Austin, Texas.


Anonymous Guest

Ray Steele 6 days ago

That why never watch the news present or in the past its has always been blurred to me,its like bs one day turn around the next day and it's still bs lol.i enjoy your illustration.

Artist Reply: I don't know when BS became a moneymaking concern---well, it used to be called bunko in the old days. Have you noticed that 'the organization' formerly known as the Mafia isn't heard about much anymore? It has insinuated itself into the very fabric of the nation such that one can no longer distinguish the real thread from the pseudo. Anyway, Ray, I appreciate your comment and hope you are faring well today. :).

Dave Matke 6 days ago

And blur they do ! I like your sentiment here as well as the drawing and chess board landscape : ) Hope you're doing well : )

Artist Reply: Thanks, Dave! Have you noticed that those who comment among us seem to have closed ranks? And even those stand out more for their rarity than anything they actually say. Now if I were to chose a nice AI program and give it a twenty-word description to 'draw' upon that dripped with cliche and religio-patriotic-sentimental claptrap, why I bet I could more than double the commenting public. But somehow, to me, it would be like drawing flies around a pot containing something other than honey. Oh well. Hope you are doing great. :)