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"The Porcelain Doll"

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Victor Rolfe 13 Dec 2005

This is the kind of great painting that would grab the viewers attention, even if he / she had seen it a hundred or a thousand times times before. Nice one!

Elton Houck 05 Dec 2005

A gothic beauty aboard the Orient Express? Suspense and mystery she a heroine form a 1930/40s pot boiler or a vixen assasin from beyond this world? Is that a leather coath she has shielding her, or is it some otherwordly protecxtive skin?

Steen Djervad 04 Dec 2005

I decited to comment on one of your paintings, this have a nice and special quality wich makes it a realy there, you commented on one of mine portraits thank you anything from an Awesome painter as you are welcome:)

Ben DeBiase 24 Nov 2005

awesome! terrific work!

Brigitte Hintner 22 Nov 2005

What a wonderful potrait this alabaster skin and unique blue eyes ! Excellent work ....I'm impressed !