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Shyanne and Lina hugging

This is my grandaughter Shyanne and daughter Lina that I painted from scratch, not a photo manipulation. Using a wacom tablet ans Painter Classic software to paint this digitally.


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Christine brand 21 Aug 2006

You are so talented...and your family is lovely...Such love and goodness is in all your work. God Bless You Forever I Pray.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much Christina! They are all beauties, and hope to keep my work as it is and better.

Joseph O'Connor 19 Feb 2006

Stunning, and so real. Your work is beautiful.

Artist Reply: Thank you Joseph! I'm working at becoming more realistic. Skin tones are finally getting better. Hair and eyes drive me nuts still.

tazda lawson 16 Feb 2006

If thats scratch .....WoW!!!!!.......thats fantastic. I still can barely color with my tablet.

Artist Reply: Thanks Tazda! I used several photos as refernce shots as I painted it from scratch. I liked the pose Lina had hugging her daughter, but Shyanne was coved in food smears and grimacing in the photos with this pose. I had to hunt through a dozen or so to find a smile to paint that had the right angle of her head shot. I've practice doing portraits for the last 3 years to improve my work. SOme I can do quickly, others I struggle with. Took a while to figure out hair and details, still need to improve those wo areas before I'm happy. I usually put on a split screen the photos I am looking at as I paint. I can clone the hair and skin tones if I need to, but I usually do it to start and warm up the tones myself as I work and blen colors together to look smotther. I use a "Just water" brush for blending usually to get a better blend.

Emily Reed 16 Feb 2006

How charming and enchanting, Terry!!!

Analua 16 Feb 2006

Marvelous beauty!!!!