Life Size French Bulldog Sculpture.

This is a challenge for me and I love challenges. I have been itching to do a life size sculpture of the French Bulldog ever since I got it in my head. So I started it and set up a blog describing the process of what I do to get started and how it commences and so forth. i am really enjoying working with this particular Clay. It is called Chavant, It needs to be heated up in a small toaster oven or Microwave oven or home oven but I don't recommend that. I am sure the wife will have something to say about that. lol So this is turning out to be a great experience for me and I am sharring it with anyone who is willing to listen. lol I am accepting critique and advice on the sculpt, so if you have anything you want to say, please do, constructive advice is always welcomed. if you wish to visit my blog just click on the link above and see the progress. Erick C


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 14 Jun 2009

Erick..just on my way home from the show in TO...thanks so much for the email...and wow...great work!! I am happy we met yesterday!! Talk soon....Shari

Emily Reed 15 Jun 2008

So splendid! so fabulous!

annette steens 14 Mar 2008

this is looking marvellous already Erick! A little more detail work will make you more happy and proud. lol!

RQ Trietsch 27 Feb 2008

So far looks good. are you going to do anymore detail work on the eyes and whiskers ?

Artist Reply: Thank you for the comment. Yes it will have much more detail on it. I am so far from finishing. It will take some time and effort to complete it to the point of where I will be happy and satisfied with it. Erick C

v blair 27 Feb 2008

This is looking great Erick!I really enjoy watching the progress of your work on your blog.

Artist Reply: Thank you very Much. Don't be a stranger and come by and visit my blog to see the progress. Erick C