This Zebra I saw at the Brevard Zoo in Florida in December 2019. They are so neat looking to me!


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Debra Kott 18 May 2020

Very nice photograph.

Artist Reply: Thanks Debra!

Kevin Lambeth 18 May 2020

Their stripes are like fingerprints, everyone unique. Love them. We have Safari Park's here, just love to see them running fairly free.

Artist Reply: Thanks Kevin. Strange thought I put my comment in but it was not there??

Al Budarin 17 May 2020

Is it black with white stripes or white with black stripes ,,,,yes you are right.Enjoy the Zoo,it's there for our learning experience as they are in the wild

Artist Reply: Hmm, I think white with black stripes and the only evidence is in the butt! LOl Thanks Al for commenting,