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Al Budarin 23 Jun 2020

,,,,,,,,,and what do we have here,Beautiful Closeup of A Honey Bee in the Midst of some golden treasure ,,,,she is actually filling her pouches in her legs with pollen ,yes they have pouches loading up ,sometimes when they leave &fly off the flower they are so loaded down they actually WOBBLE on take off.This Rose is thick with pollen & nectar ,,An AWARD WINNER again.,,,Nice photo one of your Best ,but then maybe because it has a Bee init,,again to remind you this wonderful creature that only lives 4 months will fly over 5000 miles in her life time ,touching on millions of Flowers gathering her food for her young,,,,,maybe out of the Thousands of bees in the colony ,contributing about a Table Spoon of Honey,,,,,,that we Rob from them.& Many because of our harsh farm chemicals die when they leave certain fields,Myself as a hobby farmer only having 5 hives in turn protect them as much as possible & provide them with Shelter in the winter months so they can propigate & pollinate the Planet,so we can have our Fruits & vegetables.,,,inturn you grow those Beautiful Roses for our Beauty & to attract our Pollinators,which there is so many insects in this world that do such a wonderful job.,,Ants on a Peonies flower is amazing they pollinate & they keep the population of Aphids down.There are so so may.Thankyou for showing us this Terrific Closeup.

Artist Reply: Thank you Al Thanks for you each day i know more about the insects and thier life thanks so much

Anneke Hut 23 Jun 2020

Wonderful macro!

Artist Reply: Thank you Anneke

Kevin Lambeth 23 Jun 2020

Beautiful photo MJ. Love the colours.

Artist Reply: Thank you Kevin

Debra Kott 22 Jun 2020

Fantastic shot.

Artist Reply: Thanks Debra

Ginger Olansen 22 Jun 2020

For this one it is the PIC OF THE DAY FOR ME! Great photo!

Artist Reply: Thank you Ginger