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It is easy to find one's self stuck in the negative quagmire of the moment, I know, but we must look ahead to see the possibilities inherent in the future. So look with hopeful eyes toward what is coming along. And you HAVE to think, whatever it is, it'll most assuredly be an improvement over what 2020 has brought us so far. This is a 5 by 3 inches sticky drawing using gel pen and color pencil. It is an unsmiling yet hopeful example of Original Jones Art as he uses that imagination of his to 'see' beyond today in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Nikolay Semyonov 15 Aug 2020

Another great piece of art! What amazes me most in your smart works, Charles, is that you stick to your style which makes it most recognizable.

Artist Reply: Thank you, Nikolay! I have this bad habit of 'thinking' art in a time when 'non-thinking' art is in vogue. It is another manifestation of my contrarian nature, which is why I use what is 'trending' as an indicator of what I should reject, not what I should emulate. :)

Marie josé LAURIER 15 Aug 2020


Artist Reply: Thank you, Marie! I sometimes wonder how my little scribbles are taken these days. Hope you are doing great and staying healthy. :)