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I think most humanoids come to this conclusion sooner or later. That it's not only love that hurts, it's life itself. It's not like there's an instruction manual for being a 'good' human or even a merely adequate one. AND there's no reason that I have found that says if an individual is suffering, he or she should make everyone around him or her follow suit. That's why, to my mind, if you have it in your head to die, don't make others suffer before hand. Just get the deed done and over with in a way that doesn't make too big a mess for someone else to clean up. I've lived through a lot of crap, most other made, some I made myself, but I never blamed anyone or thought hurting or killing was any sort of answer. Just saying. This is a 6 by 4.5 inches gel pen with color pencil drawing on medium bond acid-free paper. If you were to see this first hand, you'd notice that the colors of the face are not as dark or yellow as this shows. Just an FYI from Original Jones Art as he keeps faith and company (with himself) in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Ray Steele 22 Jun 2022

I agree with you 100% Charles

Artist Reply: Thanks, Ray. As contemporary life becomes increasingly screwy, there will be ever increasing instances of that 'momentary insanity' that used to be something of a rare occurrence. If something isn't done collectively to curb this, we are only seeing the tip of an ever growing iceberg, I think.