baby goliath

As a serpentine umbilicle cord pumps fuel into its base, you can tell the new-born baby goliath (in the background) is going to be huge by the sprouting of tentacle-like formations several thousand miles away (in the foreground) flailing wildly due to the gravity disturbances. A river of run off condensation water raises unusual greenery along its banks. Orbiting overhead is one of the unstable moons. overgrown columns sometimes scrape enormous gashes out of their surfaces. Occasionally one is struck squarely and gets knocked right out of the solar system.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 28 Apr 2008


Ruth Palmer 19 Aug 2007

Fantastic composition! Great color and textures. I especially love the shadowns and the little rocks. Very cool and skillful work!

katja cuikova 19 Aug 2007

very creative piece of art and so interesting!

Artist Reply: Thank you Katja. I very much enjoyed a brief perusal of your work as well. I will have to go back for more soon.

Hazel Apricot Sama 13 May 2007

beautiful work. The shadows are so nicely done, it give so natural feel.

Artist Reply: Thank you Hazel! I have shaded this very monochromatically, I like the look myself although it is not traditional.

William Boyer 25 Apr 2007