Unstable Universe

The smallest of the "Hedrons" is this simple design 10" icosahedron with a continuous space theme inside and out. It features the spacial distortion effect and an internal galaxy thing that flickers when a light passes the hidden fiber optic light channels. Be warned that this hedron boldly goes with any decor with it's basic black underpainting. "Captain! I'm an artist, not a cosmetologist!" "Bones, that's 'cosmologist'." "Sorry Sir!"


Anonymous Guest

Donald Schrier 06 Jul 2008

I truly like the circle and all of the developement you have put into this. Very great work.

Anonymous Guest 13 Apr 2008

Happy Birthday

Anonymous Guest 02 May 2007

What the heck is this... wow

jamie winter 29 Apr 2007

very excellent presentation. just increadable , jamie

Lucia Stewart 29 Apr 2007

Awesome presentation piece!