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Flame Lilies

Lilies are such stunning blossoms. I love the variety of sizes, colors, and how easy they are to grow. I bought some vivid flame colored lilies a few weeks ago, and had to do a painting of them. They were really eye popping and intense in color. My late father loved flowers, and lilies were a favorite of his. When I visited the old childhood home we once lived at a few years ago, I was happy to see some of his flowers still growing in the garden. The daylilies we'd found growing wild and transplanted still thriving over 35 years later. I am busy searching for as many varieties of lilies to plant in my new home & the garden I am putting in. I hope to add more lilies each year. There will be many lily paintings & photos I'll post in the future. My garden will have many of the flowers my father loved, as well as flowers and trees for other friends & family. I often feel so close to God in a garden, as well as to those that have pasted on. It will be a memorial garden and many new memories will be made in it as well. These lilies are for you Dad. This is a painting that I did using an electronic drawing tablet, a Wacom tablet w/wireless pen. I used Corel's Painter X software. It's not a manipulated photo, or the result of a auto click photo to artistic effect work. I had to draw & compose, chose the colors, mix & blend them, pick the texture, the brushes, the mediums to mimic. That means if I wanted the strokes to look like oil, I had to pick that as a medium, decide from the many options it has under oil. In my case, I used a mix of several mediums to get the final look it has. I can mix mediums you can not normally mix with the real ones, and I get some interesting results because of it. It takes me hours of work to do all of the individual brush strokes, as it would with real paint brushes, pens, pastels, airbrushes, etc. There's the bonus of no drying times or clean up, and no need to dry out all the supplies. If I'm up late, I can work without disturbing anyone, and I'm not allergic to any of it as I am with many traditional mediums. Great for saving space in storage.

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Anonymous Guest

Hui Zhu 27 May 2008

absolutey beautifuuullll !!!! *o*

Artist Reply: Thank you Hui! I've had a busy week, so haven't been able to reply or post up a new work. Hope to soon.

Anonymous Guest 26 May 2008

beautiful warm rich tulips....stunning!

Artist Reply: Thank you! I'm glad you like these!

luci reader 23 May 2008

fantastic work, lovely colors and forms. very original

Artist Reply: Thank you Luci so very much! I love playing the vivid colors againts the dark background.

Carl Huffman 23 May 2008

Stunningly beautiful, and a terrific and very satisfying art piece. 10+

Artist Reply: Thank you Carl! I do love painting florals. I should have new ones up soon.

jamie winter 22 May 2008

incredible Lilies, fantastic floral and awesome work. the presentation is incredible. i love this piece.wowow

Artist Reply: Thank you Jamie! This was one that I kept trying to change the intense colors. I kept thinking they were too vivid. Glad I wwent with my instints and did them as they are in real life. They were large blossoms as well, which added to their beauty when I dpotted them and bought them.