Smiling Lissie

Well, I have been painting & taking photos of family border collie pets the last few years. I've long admired the breed for their intelligence, beauty, and expressive personalities. It's not surprising that when I spotted one in a local SPCA shelter I couldn't resist & had to go get her. This is Lissie, full of joy. She makes my heart smile, finds funny things to do, is a sweet, gentle lassie, a new member of our home. She was shy the first few days & then figured out she was going to stay and has been full of energy & on the go since. I digitally painted this using a Wacom tablet & wireless stylus pen, using Corel's Painter X art software. It's not a photo manipulation. I drew her, painted her. etc. This time I played with a few brighter colors for the grasses to put a little more playfulness into the over all mood of the work.


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 08 Sep 2008

Nice painting and you thought I never check out your site. JLH

AVE HURLEY 20 Jun 2008

So realistic! Excellent work!

Artist Reply: Thank you Ave! This one is less realistic than I usually do, but I plan many more with her. I've some new ones in the works to do.

Hui Zhu 20 Jun 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks Hui! There are so many wonderful animals that get sent to shelters each year. It's hard for me not to be able to take in more. This dog is such a sweet, well behaved, extremely intelllengent dog to be taken to a shelter. She's stolen my heart.

debbie collier 19 Jun 2008


Artist Reply: Thank you Debbie! Lissie is such a smart & entertaining dog to watch. She dug a basement under her dog house, and also will jump on top like snoopy. She will toss a ball at me to get my attention. She loves my other dogs & the three are best buddies now.