Fairy Sisters

Phew finally finished <3 These must be the cutest little girls ever, from a private commission. Please no thieving/use for forums/other edits as this is obviously very personal and I'm sure the family don't wish to have their children (anime version or not) spread about the internet. I can't help but feel I over abused the light on this, will be ordering a print of it to see how it turns out since I have no other monitor to test this out on.


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Barry Huyett 16 Feb 2011

liK thS

Junior Mclean 06 Mar 2010


Artist Reply: Thankyou for the comment! Sorry this is so late, not checked AW in forever.

monique cooper 05 Dec 2009

So cute!!.. they are all lovely!!

Artist Reply: Thankyou for the comment! Sorry for not answering sooner, not checked AW for a long time :)