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_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A group for all your favourite vibrant red coloured images. Any medium welcome. The only RULE (other than the usual AW rules) is that the main part of your image MUST be red - 80% red and the colour red MUST be vibrant (it must stand out in brightness). Have fun and add your images here. Maybe you have an image hidden somewhere in your portfolio, showing a different perspective on the subject of VIBRANT RED. If so, get it out and add it here! Once this group is fully established and has grown in membership, we'll add some competitions, etc. Any suggestions from your part are most welcome. Your input here will be most valuable to the group! Have fun! Contact me with your suggestions, or post it in the Posting Section of this Group! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ***** Group News ***** ~ January 2009 ~ Wishing everyone a wonderful new year! Great to be back again! Thanks to all the members who joined this wonderful group in my absence! And thank you for the awesome pics you uploaded! ______________________________________________________________________________________ ***14 February 2009*** A happy Valentine's Day Wish from me to all the members! May you enjoy romance, love & warmth today & throughout the whole year!
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