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_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This group is available to anyone who wants to take over as host. Please contact AW support to help. I am leaving ArtWanted and tried for a few months to get someone to take over, with no success. I would hate to see the group being closed. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A special group to show off your t-shirt designs. All kinds of designs welcome! Designs with images & text, designs with text only, funny tees, inspiring writing tees, special causes designs (eg. World Children's Day). ~ RULES: ~ 1) Keep to ArtWanted policies. 2) Add only work that you are proud of here. 3) Artworks must be in good taste. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ****** Group News ****** *January 2009* Wishing you all a great new year! I've been away for a few weeks, but am back now! Thanks for the messages I received while I was away. Thanks also new members, for joining our group! I have a lot of images to go through, I see! ;D Will be commenting on them soon! ______________________________________________________________________________________ ***14 February 2009*** A happy Valentine's Day Wish from me to all the members! May you enjoy romance, love & warmth today & throughout the whole year!
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