16 January, 2017
  • Valora Abbett
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Change How Portfolio View Stats Are Counted

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I don't think that us viewing our own profiles, portfolios, and individual portfolio images should be included in our stats. It gives a false number. I personally only want to see my organic and returning traffic. So, if there is a way you can separate out our own views from other peoples that would be great.



Yury Yanin 17 Jan 2017

I thought that our views and those of other visitors had been separated already and only visitors were counted, weren't they?

Valora Abbett 17 Jan 2017

I sure hope so!

ArtWanted.com Staff 17 Jan 2017

Currently, any traffic to the portfolio or portfolio image will be recorded in the stats reports. This includes views/hits from the owner of that portfolio/image.

This idea is to either remove those stats or break them out into a different report/group.

Yury Yanin 17 Jan 2017

That is exactly what I mean. I thought that it had been separated already as it is done in some other art sites. It is only natural - we should not confuse or deceive ourselves counting our own visits as a sign of our art's popularity. So I vote for this idea with both my hands. By the way, can I vote twice? I'll try.

Yury Yanin 17 Jan 2017

No I could not vote twice and it is fare. Well done!

Yury Yanin 08 Mar 2017

Stats are entertainment, a fun and kinda self deception in any variant. On other art sites I often had thousands of visits (hits) and no sales of some images, or just a few visits and some sales of others. That is why I am never too serious, when speaking about stats, but I like this kind of fun. Trying to understand reasons for changes in stats is also a fun. Some sites detect and show locations of visitors, it may help understanding and add fun too.

NOW… I have only 10 images in my portfolio, all – female portraits. Usually some of them receive 15 -17 visits (hits) a month, while others may have 1-2 hits only. Up to this morning there were no hits in March yet. Today, 8th of March, all images in my portfolio have received no less then 20 hits each, some more then 30 and one has received about 40 hits already and numbers are growing! I have no idea what is going on…. What if the clear understanding of such stat jumps could help to control popularity, market, sales, etc.? Or is it still an unpredictable fun without much significance? May be location of visitors could help understanding?

Any ideas???

... and, using this post, I want to confirm once more that our visits to our own arwork should be excluded from stats...

ArtWanted.com Staff 08 Mar 2017

Yuri - We are glad to see that your stats have gone up this month and also that you are interested in statistics. We don't have the exact reason why your had an increase in hits this month at this time. We can say that Premium Members do get additional statistics, like referring websites, so you can see where your traffic is coming from, which is a big help to answer questions like this.

Yury Yanin 09 Mar 2017

50 - the biggest number of hits to one of my artworks currently, more then 40 to others... ( no one hit is my own). I am just surprised and curious...

Ok I'll think over all that later. Thanks for your promt answer anyway!

ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Mar 2017

This idea has just hit 100 points, which means we can share additional thoughts on this topic, so you go...

Statistics are a great way to see what is happening to your art and which of your images are more popular than others. We have always felt that it's important to have statistics behind every image that you upload, which is why it has always been a part of our website since day one.

This idea is to either remove or split out the traffic from the artist on his/her portfolio, so those views to not count on the normal statistics reports. We feel like this is a good suggestion and one that will not be too hard to implement.

We are currently working on a complete redesign of the members area control panel, which is where all of the statistics are found. We have been working on new statistics reports for this new area (when it goes live) and it makes sense to make this change, when the new stats reports are available.

So, bottom line, we will go forward and make this change to the website. There is enough interest to do so. We plan to have the new members area launched in late sprint/early summer and this is when this feature will go live. Until then, continue to post your comments and ideas on any other changes you would like to make to the statistics reports on ArtWanted - Thanks.

Yury Yanin 14 Mar 2017

Looking forward for the promised changes! My acompahying idea is to show location of visitors to all AW members (including free account members as myself).

... Continuiong my previous posts: 61 hits in 3 days - the biggest number of hits to one of my images, from 43 to 55 hits to others. However the grows of hit numbers lasted 3 days only and has stopped now. Usually I receive more or less equal number of hits to every one of my artworks one can have more one month and less in the other etc.. Rather unpredictable. Usually I have no more then 20 hits a month to any image, or a bit more to newly uploaded ones.. Now - something very unusuall goes on. No extra comments or sales though. Certainly, I can use this stat jump for my own enetertanment. ( What for else?) Having a vivid imagination, I can imagine crowds of people standing 3 days around my AW gallery, trembling with lust wishing to see, to buy, to own my art.... but the shop seems to be closed and prospects for sales are as vague as ever...

I say: is not that stat jump just a bug to be fixed? Hope stats will show more meaningful changes in your new member area. Good luck!

Brian Wolfgang Becker 28 Feb 2021

Thank you Valora for raising this point. I was under the assumption that any viewing of our own work on site would not register but I imagine separating these statistics might be a major programing issue on this platform? I think what is really important is to get a real indicator on how effective ArtWanted.com is as a website for generating art sales which ultimately keeps artists alive and actively creating. It's a bonus to be in a place where we can all share thoughts and concerns and share our creative backgrounds with each other.

Brian Wolfgang Becker - Feb 28th 2021

Valora Abbett 28 Feb 2021

Thanks for all the replies. I was just now notified that I had received these replies or maybe I somehow missed them earlier... Anyhoo, there have been many great updates made to the site since I originally made this suggestion back in 2017. This is a great platform and I am grateful to be a part of it and actually need to get busy working on some new pieces.

Happy creating everyone! :)