01 March, 2017
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Member Activity Rewards Update – March 2017

Last fall we started a new program to reward the most active members of ArtWanted. Every member of ArtWanted earns points throughout the month for their engagement on the website. The Top 25 members of each month are rewarded with additional portfolio exposure on the ArtWanted.com website and our social media sites. NOTE: The screen shot on this post shows our current Pinterest board with some of the artists/artwork featured for our active members.

This rewards program is going great and it’s fun to see how the standings change from day-to-day and the overall monthly winners. We have made some minor changes to the rewards points this month to encourage additional activity on the ArtWanted website.

Here are the changes...

  • 20 points are now awarded for every image you upload to your portfolio during the month.
  • With the launch of our new Idea Board, we now give points for adding a new ideas, commenting on an existing idea or voting an idea up or down.
  • 3 points are now awarded for every vote you give to any art contest entry (you can rack up a lot of points by voting for each entry in our weekly art contests)
  • 2 points are now given for every image you add to your favorites list.
If you would like to get rewarded for other activities on ArtWanted, post your suggestions below.

To learn more about the Member Activity Rewards program, view this blog post.



Stephen Donoho 02 Apr 2017

So do I Stephen Donoho have any rewards? Thank you. Stephen Donoho [email protected]

ArtWanted.com Staff 07 Apr 2017

Stephen - Yes, you have earned some points this month. To see your points, just go to the Member Awards page. Every logged in member will show at the bottom of the table.


James Cassel 23 Jun 2017

So Happy Artwanted gave me an opportunity as Featured artist, Thank you for all encouragement from your staff and followers!

Dale Newman 16 May 2018

Suggestion; how about giving points to the administrator of groups , for those who include their work to be posted in their group.