03 September, 2016
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Introducing Member Activity Rewards

We have a ton of great artists on ArtWanted.com that are constantly involved in building the ArtWanted.com community. These members are always posting feedback on other artist’s work, responding to their own feedback, posting topics on the message boards and other site activities. We want to thank everyone that helps grow this art community and we have come up with a way to reward you for your efforts.

We are excited to announce the new Member Activity Rewards Program!

Activity Points

This new program gives Activity Points to our members for participating in the community. Earn points by commenting on other artwork, responding to messages on the message boards, adding favorite images, uploading artwork, entering art contests, voting for art contests and many other activities on the website. See table below for the points for each website activity you engage in.

Activity Scorecard

The most active and involved members of ArtWanted.com are shown on a new Activity Scorecard that is updated daily. These top members are rewarded with additional exposure and links to their portfolio from this new page of the website. You can view the report at any time to see where you rank in your activity compared to other members of the website. This report also resets each month, giving everyone a chance to be at the top.

Promotional Rewards

We also reward our most active members with additional exposure and promotion through our social media sites. The top 25 most active members of each month will have one piece of their artwork promoted on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages the following month. Your artwork will be seen by thousands of our social media followers.

Activity Point Values

Here is a list of the Activity Points you earn for each of the following activities. Activity Points are updated daily and reset at the start of every month. Additional activity points are coming soon.

20 Points - For each new image you upload in your portfolio for the month (max 5 images - 100 points)
20 Points - Entering your artwork in any art contest
15 Points - Starting a new discussion on the message boards or artist group boards
10 Points - Joining an existing artist group or starting a new artist group
10 Points - Responding to an existing discussion on the message boards or artist group board
5 Points - Posting a comment on another artist's artwork
5 Points - Posting a comment on an art contest entry
3 Points - Each vote you give to any entry in an art contest or idea on the Idea Board
2 Points - Responding to a comment you received on your art
2 Points - Adding an image in your portfolio to any artist group
2 Points - Adding any image to your Favorite Images list
1 Point - Voting for an image in an Art Duel


We want to thank all of our members that are participating in the ArtWanted.com community and we encourage those that have not been so far to get involved. Everyone benefits when there is more involvement in the community and we hope this new program will get people even more excited to be a part of ArtWanted.com. Check out the Activity Scorecard to see where you rank today, and increase your rank by getting more involved. Thanks!

As always, if you have any feedback or questions about this new program, simply reply to this message with your comments.



Adelle John 04 Sep 2016

This sounds like a splendid idea and I cant wait to get discharged from hospital so I can post all the artwork I am doing now. I am so much looking forward to getting back the site fully. Bravo to artwanted staff/developerd for responding to your members wishes to rebuild our community One point--it is not only the task of a sited developers to make a site a dynamic community . Each of us a part to play within the community and our acceptance of our responsibilities in our community is vital to its health, growth or devline. We are what gived life to our site and this new update rrcognizes that and will reward those who bring much life to our sites L'Chaim! Adelle

ArtWanted.com Staff 05 Sep 2016

Thanks for your positive feedback Adelle. You are right that it's up to the members of a website to make it a busy community with lots of activity - the site owners can't force members to participate. We hope that this new program will encourage more participation from everyone, and if it does, everyone will benefit.

ArtWanted.com Staff 05 Sep 2016

Today we added some additional point values to activities that take place in the Artist Groups area of our website. Here are the new points you earn for participating in the Artist Groups:

15 Points - Starting a new discussion on any artist group board
10 Points - Responding to an existing discussion on an artist group board
10 Points - Joining an existing artist group or starting a new artist group
2 Points - Adding an image in your portfolio to any artist group

We also added trend arrows next to the rank number on the Activity Scorecard. These arrows indicate a change from the previous day's rank.

Meena Kurup 11 Sep 2016

They are especially beneficial to an emerging artist, who may have little else to show.It helps an artist to increase h is / her credibility.Because there are collectors who need to see the that the artist has real credibility and talent before buying artworks.It will only enhance the skills of a potential worker. Good idea.Awards should be given to given every week...seeing every point on technical issues.

Likana van Wylick-Ristic 13 Sep 2016

I feel good being a member of ArtWanted.com and appreciate all kind of improvement inside this community. Artists always give something. What do they give is difficult to describe. The most important point of departure in life and in art is the energy people give to each other. This is worth living and worth creating art.

With kind regards Likana van Wylick-Ristic

ArtWanted.com Staff 27 Sep 2016

Just a quick reminder to let everyone know that the month ends in just a few days. The top 25 most active members of ArtWanted in September will be promoted on all our social media sites in October, so be sure you are in the Top 25!

Mark Kokopelli Watkins, Artist 28 Nov 2016

These points and rewards struck me as ingenious and very uplifting to our artist community!! Thanks for the conceptualization and creation of these wonderful additions to uplift all of us utilizing this website to show our artwork. Happy holidays everyone!!

My capture was taken at the cool coffee house I held my last art show in and sold 4 prints......just working on my next art adventure and project!!

ArtWanted.com Staff 28 Nov 2016

Thanks Mark, we are glad you like the idea of the reward points. We look forward to seeing more of your artwork and involvement in the website.

marie-claire gallet 18 Dec 2016

I think that the number of uploaded images is not very well rewarded !!! 25 pts, this is very few !!!!! If you want to site to grow, you should encourage us much more !!!! Kind regards. Marie-Claire Gallet

marie-claire gallet 22 Dec 2016

What's about my suggesion to increase the number of points to people who post images everyday (2 in my case) !! This is the most important to make your site alive !!!!!!!!

ArtWanted.com Staff 24 Dec 2016

Marie-Claire - Thanks for your suggestion to our activity rewards points. You have a good point and we will review how we are calculating points for images to see if that can be adjusted for those that post more images in a month. Thanks again.

marie-claire gallet 26 Dec 2016

Thank you so very much !! I take the occasion to wish the AW staff a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to come !!!!

ArtWanted.com Staff 27 Dec 2016

Thank you, we wish you and everyone else a great new year as well!

marie-claire gallet 03 Feb 2017

What's about of increasing the points of the members who upload everyday (Me 2 pictures a day). We are the most living part of the site. Without pictures, nothing !!! So I hope you will make an effort on that point to boost us a little !!!

ArtWanted.com Staff 06 Feb 2017

We will be making a few adjustments to the member activity program next month and one of those changes will be to give more points for more uploads throughout the month. Thanks for your feedback.

ArtWanted.com Staff 01 Mar 2017

FYI - We have just announced some updates to the Member Rewards program, read the details here.

Mark Kokopelli Watkins, Artist 06 Mar 2017

This sounds like a great idea to me,...so count me in! Mark Kokopelli Watkins

Dale Newman 01 Sep 2017

I'm new to this, last month, my first month I was #14 in the Activity Board. How do you pick what art work is posted on the various sites (pinterest) and how do I see that site ?

Ranefox 02 Oct 2017

I'm just now learning of this member activity awards. According to my weekly alert, I've received comments for, and replied, as well as uploaded a few images. In fact, 2 uploads this week...Yet, I received no points for such activity.

Why is that?

I've attached an image of my email.

Nancy Belle 14 May 2018

Something has gone wrong. I keep adding images and I am more active than I've ever been and my count number is going down... but not only that... can you please explain how I am a #30 when there is NO # 26, 27, 28 or number 29? All other numbers are consecutive down the list and mine is out of wack. WHY even put me on this list if #25 is the bottom goal number? Please fix this error...it's got to be an error. out of wack.

Thanks, Nancy Belle

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