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cindy kelly 22 Mar 2018

Moon Shadows

Floater 24 Mar 2018

Sun Moon, Ink on paper

Nancy Belle 22 Mar 2018

'Moon Shine' is an abstract poured Acrylic painting on an vinyl record. Light weight and 12" round, it is hung by the center hole using a small nail or push pin.

José Fortunato 22 Mar 2018

Graphit watercolor

Roger Aaron Benoit 12 Apr 2018

Sunset in Nunavut, 12" X 24" Acrylic on Canvas

v myers 22 Mar 2018

The Sun & Moon at the time of the Spring Equinox.

marie-claire gallet 06 Apr 2018

MONA LUNA, title making reference to Mona Lisa whom you can find on this painting !

Laura Barbosa 03 Apr 2018

"Celestial" by Laura Barbosa

A Fantasy Abstract Painting. Decorative Art on Canvas with Metallic Gold Embellishments. Original Created in 2008

Tammy Tinch 22 Mar 2018

Pamela Manning 29 Mar 2018

A little dog enjoying the big yellow moon on the beach. Created with Prismacolor pencil. Size is 2.5” x 3.5”.

Susanne Baca 22 Mar 2018

Virgin de Guadalupe retablo. The blessed mother is surrounded by the moon and stars

Lori McNamara 27 Mar 2018

"Wild Night." Its oil on gessoed archival mat board, 5 x 7 inches.

Natalie Eckman 23 Mar 2018

Picture of last year's solar eclipse, as reflected through my telescope.

diana recker 16 Apr 2018

I hope I’m still I. Time to enter

JG Jardey 08 Apr 2018

The Space Journey

Joe Bartz 23 Mar 2018

'My God It's Full of Stars' Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas, 36" x 24"

Dennis Finley 22 Mar 2018

out of this world

Sue Ann Givens 24 Mar 2018

This is a photo taken with a camera into the night sky focusing in on the stars," Digitally". By sharping the photo I was able to see patterns within the stars. "It looked like a roadmap". Wich expanded my imagination to the possibility of our future generation. Look closely at "The Map Within The Stars"

| Sue Givens |

Dave Strong 02 Apr 2018

Here is my comic artwork submission for the topic of the contest SUN, MOON & STARS. My name is Dave Strong at [email protected] Thanks, and good luck to the winners!!

Wiley Spears 14 Apr 2018