10 May, 2021

Art Contests

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I would venture to suggest that art contests be presented on a more regular basis.If it is too difficult for Art Wanted to do this,then say on a two-monthly or quarterly basis.The idea is that it should be on a more regular basis,for example, a new contest is put out say on the first day of every second month.Participants should be given more time to enter and rules and stipulations should be clear.The theme of the competition/contest should also be clear.Should the theme be love then it should really portray love.For example, to say the theme is Love and then articipants enter and elephant picture and say it is a love entrant simply because he/she loves the elephant,it does not make sense to me.Let us be more realistic and learn how to paint/draw/present an entry more true to the theme.(This i also asure way for any artist to learn how to approach a brief for an assignment). A further idea is to award the contestants with points that will lead up to become the best contestant for a particular period,say over a year,and the winner then becomes the annual "Best contestant/entry for 202....." Some worthwhile award could then make it worth the while for entrants to go to some trouble with their entries.ArtWanted could try to obtain a sponsor making available either fiscal sources or some other trophy,certificate,whatever. Any ideas out there?Why are contests not supported at a greater level,or what is the reasons for members not enthusiastically supporting the contests?



Mark A. Lembo 11 May 2021

It would seem some level of jury 'selection' would help choose works that best exemplify the theme.

Improvements to the process and content may inspire more interaction. Adding a sponsor's prize would make it even better - even a $25 gift certificate would be appreciated by nearly every artist I know.

A cumulative point system has some interest but may be difficult to manage if there are numerous theme styles (photo vs. digital vs. abstract vs. representational) among the contests.

Cheers, MAL

Fred Rousseau 11 May 2021

Mark.Thanks for a valuable answer.I have taken note with appreciation.Keep the brushes wet.Kind regards.

Lucia Stewart 13 May 2021

I definitely vote this up! We do need more consistency with art contests! Thank you, Fred, for the awesome suggestions! I absolutely agree with you!

Fred Rousseau 13 May 2021

Lucia.Trust that you are well.Thank you for your kind reply.We need a revolution in the art world.The art world has become stagnant.Do I still have some fellow artists around the globe?Thank you Lucia.Keep the brushes wet! Kind regards.

Mitzi Delpho 22 Jun 2021

I think it would be great to have regular contests. I think the sporadic nature and no incentive are why the interest is low. I enjoy them but I sometimes forget they are there because they are not regular.

Dale Newman 26 Jul 2021

I most certainly agree with you. There needs to be more regularity when the art contest is open and agree there should be some serious incentives for not only the winners, but for all who enter. I think some sort of a that-boy mention of some kind is appropriate because of the time and effort the artist put into entering the contest.