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International Prize CURUXA DE HONRA 2005 AWARD, given by MUSEUM OF HUMOR , Fene-Spain)


"Humor is soul food for me! Thanks for the "food" (Beatrix Jahn).

"You clever rascal"(Seth Weaver)

"Your soul is made of steel and your heart of velvet!" (Olga van Dijk)

"I think you are delightfully mad; it is your creative freedom" (Olga Savvidis)

"Encantador de muñecos" (Gerardo González Calvo)

"You're the King Jester" (Christine Brand)

"Your mind is a dangerous place, Armando" (Sher Richardson)


THE WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CARTOONS.Maurice Horn. Chelsea House Publishers (Philadelphia). May 1999:

" SALAS MARTINEZ , ARMANDO (1946- ) Spanish cartoonist born January 30, 1946, in Santa Marta de Ortigueira, a little town in the province of Galicia, in northwestern Spain.

Armando Salas since childhood displayed a love of drawing and comics , with a special fondness for comic strips and humor cartoons. Very soon he was sending his cartoons to magazines and daily newspapers, while taking classes in drawing. He also studied banking and got a job in a bank, which allowed him to dedicate his afternoons and evenings to cartooning.

Salas´s contributions to the cartoon mediums are many and varied: he has one of the first, if not the first, to bring eroticism to Spanish publications in the form of semi-nude girls, an eroticism tempered with irony and sarcasm, and this during the darkest years of the Franco dictatorship. In 1967 he began drawing professionally for the news-magazine Diez Minutos, and also for Comics Camp, Comics In, a fanzine dedicated to the study of comics where he created Saturday, an ironic take on Sunday, a popular comics character created by Victor de la Fuente. A little later he contributed editorial cartoons to the daily Pueblo, and he joined the staff of the daily El Correo Gallego and that of the magazine Doblon in 1970. That same year he started contributing on the TV journal Todo Television, and he also created a syndicated panel series, Don Teleneco, in which he satirized "couch potatoes" before the term was invented. He began working for the daily Ferrol Diario in 1972, and a year later he contributed cartoons to Heraldo Espanol, the most important paper in the province of Aragon.

For the comics magazine El Globo he created his most famous series, El Eden, renamed Adan for publication in book form. This cartoon series was a satirical view of Adam and Eve, in which Eve, a blonde in the Marylin Monroe mold, appeared in bikini. Sensual, provocative and sexy, how this series passed the censors no one knows! While working in several mediums, he also created another cartoon series, Jauja y Colas. Another successful series came in 1981: Merlina, about a female wizard who was beautiful, sexy and ready for anything. Less than six months later Merlina was also published in book form.

This fabulous artist, whose works reflects his love for the best American and Spanish artists, is publishing today in Telenovela, and occasionally in Comicguia, the oldest Spanish journal devoted to the study of comic art in Spain. A fan of the late American cartoonist Frank Robbins, Salas has dedicated a number of cartoons to him. "

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  • Gallery:    Cartoon/Comics
  • Proficient Software:   Photoshop
  • Past Clients:    Diario de Ferrol, Editorial Mundo Negro, Hachette, Audàcia (Portugal), Tanz-o-caricature (Iran), Twój Dobry Humor, Dowcip Miesiaca (Poland), El Correo Gallego, Diario de Arousa, etc