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09 Mar, 2012

I have a new "anonymous" friend, someone reading this blog and leaving me comments and, of course, it makes me wonder? Are you okay? I hope you are reading this blog because you think I am clever and wonderful and not because you have this dreaded illness! Remember you are surrounded with love and light, with laughter and smiles; you have far more good and healthy cells than the nasty ones! I hope this blog helps you but if you seek more information or additional laughter please contact me! I'll help you laugh your way through it. [email protected] My name is Jerry. I am still alive and the cancer is still gone! Spring is around the corner, my peas are up and my garden is calling. This year for sure, I will get that "perfect tomato"!


Mary Janosik 26 Mar 2012

Hi Jerry, I'm not your anonymous friend but I'm glad to hear you are still alive and cancer free!! What a miracle and I thank HIM for watching over you!! You are in my thoughts occasionally and I love that we have met.... with our very special Trixi!! I'm not here much for the time being, but hope that my tendon heals in time to have an entire summer of hiking. Then I will have lots of pictures to post again. Hope your garden is taking shape and I have no doubt that the perfect tomato is already in it's beginning stage under your care!! Be well, my friend!! Mary :-))

Julia Scorupsky 14 Feb 2013

Hello Jerry! Haven't heard from you for a long time! Hope you remember me and that you're ok! have come across your images on internet recently - they are beautiful, I especially love the copper plates! Warmest regards, Julia Scorupsky.


20 Dec, 2011

Merry Christmas to everyone! I don't blog here often, mostly I am at but I will try to get you up to date. First, 2 years later, I am still "cancer-free"! I have my strength back, and, yes, my weight! I am welding and arting and living! I have created a little studio next to my office in my shop. It is 10' x 20' and warm! I have 3 easels set up, lots of my steel framed canvassess, the 200 brushes I found at the garage sale, so I am ready to go! No excuses now! I have 2 New Year's Resolutions: to paint and get a Passport! We will see what happens? I will be posting more often now, I have missed you guys and gals! I am posting a pic of my studio floor! It is the old shop concrete floor. I stained it a bit MORE, not like I needed to and put a couple coats of "wet-look" lacquer sealer on it. Pretty and easy to clean! AND I have a NEW Computer! and a new email address: [email protected] jerry


03 Jul, 2011

Wow, hard to believe it but here I am! So here is my latest news: I am cancer-free! That's right, I just had my one year check-up and the cancer is still gone! This time last year I was almost dead and now here I am. I have my strength back, am welding and attempting my other "art stuff" and most important, working in my garden, always after that "perfect tomato"! I wonder sometimes how I managed to get through it all. The chemo-therapy (I hate that word. It was not like a massage at the hot springs!) worked and killed off the cancer. It did a lot of collateral damage as well, leaving me with peripheral neuropathy, especially in my hands, but other than that it was successful. I don't discount the power of your prayers, kind thought, positive vibations and good energy all of you sent me during the year! I have been really, really busy these last couple of months, one job after another but it is slowing down now so maybe I will get the chance to post some kind of art, whatever I am doing. Pretty wierd feeling. I'm back. I get to live again!


01 Jan, 2011

Okay, I will try out this new Blog! My first question is can I make links on it? Well, the answer is apparently not.


jerry carlin 01 Jan 2011

I wonder if I can make links in the reply? apparently not.


05 Nov, 2010

the "Other Blog" you can't comment on these blogs and I can't make links on this blog and I find that very frustrating! So, now I know how to direct you to my other blogs: also try:

today is Disneyland, tomorrow the World!!!


02 Nov, 2010

I haven't posted here for awhile and this is already November! It is because basically nothing is happening. I am just pretty normal now and the days blur into each other and get lost pretty easily. I am pretty sure the cancer battle is over so there is not much to talk about there. I do get to get a colonoscopy in about a week but I am not sure I will be talking about that! I can imagine better things to do than shoving a camera up my ass! I did this five years ago and the cleasing drink is so much worse than the actual exam. Oh well, something to look forward to! What I find myself doing a lot these days is reminising! I am going through old photos and scanning them and putting them into the computer. It is a lot of fun really and brings back a lot of memories. I have another blog on but so far I am not clever enough to direct you there. If you are intested in it you could e-mail me and I will send you the link. Today I talked about Disneyland in 1958. This photo of the swans won me and my family a trip there! Wow, those were the days!


20 Oct, 2010

Wednesday already! I saw my voodoo doctor yesterday. All the quick blood test are positive, my immune system is working perfectly my blood pressure has always been on the low side of normal and remains there, I have no lumps or obvious signs oc cancer. So the question was to have the cat and pet scans or not? They are not 100% definative and they are dangerous being the equivalent of 420 X-rays. They are expensive, oh not for me, not this year anyway. My insurance would pay for them. After January 1st it will cost me 20%, now nothing. But that is really not the issue. What would I do if they showed I still had cancer? I am happy I did all I was asked to do and I like to think it was easy, but it wasn't. I don't like being 90 years old and don't think I could do it again. The voodoo doctor says the second round would be even more agressive, requiring bone marrow transplants and many more frieght trains. So for now I am choosing to go without, choosing to believe the cancer is gone. I left myself an out and have one last appointment on Dec.13th, still leaving time for the tests this year, but for now I just want to be done with it. I am welding again, a little anyway and that is huge. I wake up every morning knowing that today will be a great day. "Staying Alive" yes! and I am getting stronger every day!


14 Oct, 2010

Thursday, it has been two weeks since I have dropped by here! That's because nothing has happened!!! and that is mostly good. Except for my hands I am still getting better every day. It is a slow process with no leaps and bounds but steadily and in a good direction. I am actually doing a little welding now and just finished another garden gate! It isn't like it used to be where I could make three of these in a day but one in a week is a huge step! My hair is growing back and I am even thinking of getting a haircut! My moustache is back and I am once again recognizable on the street! I think I am actually looking my age again instead of the 80 year old I had become. I am getting younger every day and that is pretty cool! My hands remain bad. My voodoo doctor says that in four years they will be 50% better and my regular doctor says that in four years I will be 50% use to it. I think he is right. It is a strange twist of rolls however. I have to ask my wife to open jars for me!!!


01 Oct, 2010

Friday, October1st - a new month already! I completed the little garden gates, two of them, made from broken garden tolls, shovels and rakes and clippers. Not my most spectcular gates for sure but an interesting way to recycle. A year ago I could have built both of these in a day and now they took a week! The grinders just tear up my hands and I cannot feel the trigger on the welders' lead! I think this is how it is going to be for some time to come. Even with the pain I enjoyed this process, creating and building something and hanging out in my shop. I think I have watch a lifetime of television, and just sitting doesn't make my hands much better anyway. They are most comfortable when I am wearing my rabbit fur lined gloves and I sleep with these on but I can't weld with them. This is not like being sick and I don't think it is like having a broken leg. It is neuropathy, the way it is and I will have to deal with it.


22 Sep, 2010

Tuesday Morning and I am learning more and more about peripheral neuropathy and it is not too good. I had an appointed with my real doctor yesterday. I say "real" because he knows me and I am not a statistic to him. He is the one who discovered my cancer during an office visit. Anyway, nerve cells can be FOUR FEET LONG! Imagine that? and mine are severly damaged. Once you have neuropathy you have it forever! It will improve over time but I am to look for a 50% improvement. It is more about "getting use to it", learning to deal with it. In the sceem of things it is better than the wounded veterens comming back from war, bt I still don't like it. This is the collateral damage I have mentioned before, precision surgery with dynamite! Voodoo doctors! Mustard gas and horrible poisons used to fight this cancer. So, to heck with it, my hands hurt if I use them and huirt when I don't so today I will begin building a garden gate! How fun, I haven't welded in over three months, maybe four! Wish me luck!