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Terry A. Harris Artist Statement & Explanation of Bodies of work As a self taught Artist & Digital Photographer, my work since the early 2000 has evolved. I finally had time to focus on my art with the kids all grown. Surviving a near fatal car accident that left me with some disability, I began to focus on digital art. In 2000 I began exploring the use of an electronic drawing tablet, a WACOM that uses a wireless stylus pen. Digital art is a fun and ever evolving field of art. Digital painting & photo manipulations designs have become a focus of my work. Painting a variety of subjects, portraits, fantasy, landscapes, nature, animals, and floral, I will experiment often to expand my interests and to challenge myself. I strongly believe in, “You don’t know until you try.” My portraits were one such venture. I’m fascinated with reflective materials and kaleidoscopes crosses, bubbles, & elaborate designs, 3-D rendering effects, & have many works that have those elements in them. My focused on manipulated works that is ever evolving & use unusual photos of objects & subjects as well as combinations of digital paintings to manipulate into designs. I have plans for some of the works to be printed for quilts and tile groupings. I usually work on several bodies of work concurrently, as I can store the digital works as jpg files. I spend a lot of time developing ideas, taking stock photos so that I have a large reference file for my works. My digital photography is another area of interest and I am always learning more techniques. Other works I work with vary upon my mood, & include watercolors, acrylics, oils, pastels, colored pencils, fiber, and hand arts. I am beginning works with sculpture, metal work, and mosaics and hope to find time to expand more interests, investigating other mediums to expand into in the future. Past Clients: I have done hundreds of private commissions, some logos, and works for charities, individuals, and groups. References available on request.

Art Contest, exhibits, and publications: I do occasionally enter contests over the years. Usually, I’m too busy to bother to do so. Several that I have participated in the past are: Digital Art & Digital Photography Contests, Shows, & Publications: 2004 AETC Artist/Craftsman and Photography (Air Force). 1st place for digital painting “Cherokee Woman.” 2nd place for digital painting “Grapevines” 3rd place for ”Bees & Flowers” Black & White mono print photo Honorable mention “White Rose” Black & White mono print photo. 2004 Luke Air Force Base Artist/Craftsman and Photography contests 1st Place for Fine Art (digital painting) “Grapevines” 2nd place for (digital painting) “Cherokee Woman.” 1st place for ”Bees & Flowers” Black & White mono print photo 2nd place “White Rose” Black & White mono print photo. 3rd place for “Mission” Black & White mono print photo. 2006 Luke Air Force Base Artist/Craftsman and Photography contests 2nd place for Black & White mono print photo “ 2nd place for color print photo “Mom’s Iris” Luke Air Force Base Library Art Gallery Show 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Arts & Craft Fairs: 2004-2006 Luke Air Force Base Christmas Festival 2004-2006 Luke Air Force Base Fall Festival 2004-2006 Luck Air Force Base Spring Festival Various local Phoenix Metro Area Arts & Craft Shows 2005-2006 Valentines Day Contest 2006 1st Place with submission “Mother & Child” (digital painting) Publications: Featured in Sci-Fi Fantasy 2007 Daily Art Calendar Featured in Sci-Fi Fantasy 2008 Daily Art Calendar Featured in Animals/Wildlife 2008 Daily Art Calendar Featured in Photography 2008 Daily Art Calendar Featured Image Gallery: 2006 I was often featured on when they used to have top 10 statistics for digital painting, digital manipulation, photography, and 3-D art among daily artist for month, day, or year placements. So far this site has my largest uploaded online gallery of works. You can view them at Exhibits I have participated in include:

The Sketchbook Project “Like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks. Then Art House is taking all the sketchbooks on a 6 city tour to galleries and museums across the U.S. The goal of the exhibition is to encourage anyone to create artwork and build a collective of sketchbooks made by artists from all over the world.” Exhibition Tour: February 27, 2009 Atlanta, GA Art House Gallery March 3, 2009 Washington, DC Museum of Contemporary Art DC March 4, 2009 Philadelphia, PA Chris' Jazz Cafe March 6, 2009 Laconia Gallery Boston, MA March 8, 2009 Chicago, IL Antena Gallery March 11, 2009 St. Louis, MO Soulard Art Market March 13, 2009 Brooklyn, NY 3rd Ward April 2, 2009 Atlanta, GA Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) May 1st - June 20th (opening May 8th) Chicago, IL Chicago Art Source Gallery

Collecting Objects “Your life in an accordian folder. Timelines are a way to keep track of when, where, and what happened at certain moments in life. We hope to create a collective of timelines which can represent us as people alive in the current world.” January 23, 2009 Atlanta, GA Art House Gallery

The Sketchbook Project 2011 Tour “A sketchbook is a place to put your heart and soul. Let it out into the wild; we’ll keep you connected.” Group collection will be cataloged and added to The Brooklyn Art Library as part of it’s collection. Tour Dates & Locations: Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY Feb 19 - March 6, 2011 Austin Museum of Art, Austin TX March 12 th, 2011 29th St Ballroom @ Spider House, Austin, TX (during the SXSW festival) March 13th, 2011 Space Gallery, Portland, ME March 30 - April 2, 2011 The Granite Room, Atlanta, GA April 8 - 9, 2011 Hillyer Art Space, Washington,DC April 15 - 16, 2011 Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL July 14 - 17, 2011 Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL July 29 - 31, 2011 Form/Space Aelier, Seattle, WA June 10 - 12, 2011 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA June 18, 2011

Contact me if you'd like more information or have any questions. I generally add more art weekly. Items may be available as prints, or other products, or special ordered items, upon request. My work is copyrighted, and I'd appreciate if you do not use it without my consent. I have given some individuals permission to create new art from mine, after contact and agreement.

Inquire if you are interested in portrait commissions, comments, or questions.

Thank you for all the nice comments and suggestions that you all have been kind enough to leave me and email. It has been very encouraging to me, and of help. Check back if you can to see new images that I will be adding to my gallery. If you like, you can add me to your artwatch list to receive notices when something new is posted.

GENERAL PERMISSION I have been asked by some if they can use my art for Non-Profit tags, tubes, stats, icons, slight animations and desktop wallpapers. I am providing a general permission in the Terms Of Use listed below. I am flattered by these requests and do allow this as long as you follow the terms of use. TERMS OF USE are located on the Bio/Info section of the artist's site, PLEASE READ prior to using this art as T.O.U. are always subject to change. My artwork may be used for icons, tubing, signature tags, Incredimail Stationary, and wallpapers if the following rules are followed:

1) The ©Terry A. Harris is to appear somewhere on the finished product. Please use © Terry A. Harris and a link to on any and all creations unless I give you other instructions. When possible, if there is room permitting I'd also like you to either add my e-mail address ([email protected]).

2) If you are using the artwork for other sites I do not want my art used if the sites are "questionable". Please ask if you are not 100% sure.

3) Simple animations are allowed, such as eye blinks, twinkles, tail wags, shadows, glitter, sparkles, or other movements, etc. Please e-mail me a finished version so I can keep track of who's doing what. I often get e-mails from other concerned folk that want to make sure I know that my work is being used, I appreciate that as sometimes there is a real copywrite infringement that I need to take note of. If you have any questions, please contact me. If you want individual permission, contact me so I can send you a personal permission.

4) You may not use my images for your monetary profit. However, if it involves a non-profit charity, please contact me directly. I am very open to supporting many and have done so in the past and currently. I do take commissions for work so may be able to design something for you at a reasonable costs, it depends what you plan to use it for.

5. Please do not use any images marked as not for use for Non-Profit tags, tubes, stats, icons, slight animations and desktop wallpapers, etc. Some of these will be due to that they are private exclusive commissions or works of art that I do not want shared in this manner.

Thanks to all of you who have shown interest in my work! I hope you enjoy having fun creating the sigs and tags! Don't forget to check back often, for I am always adding new art to my sites. Suggestions for new works are always welcomed, as well as commissions.

Thank you, Terry A. Harris

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