Sarah Senior Page

Senior gift page for model Sarah McKinney/Top Ten winning image May 21,2005 2nd place/Top Ten winning image for the week May 25, 2005

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John Enright 30 Dec 2005

love it. great job! not sure what Ahmad is doing in this thread, perhaps he thinks this is a dating site.

Carolin Schweizer 09 Aug 2005

that is really hot. Nice style. I like your photography!

Ahmad Thoriq 28 Jun 2005

nice looking booty, good knee, great legs, not really looking good jeans she wears need shorter i think, and knowing there's cozy place there, good shape body, her top she wears not really good idea, strong!,friendly smiley face and golden hair so nice, the hat ok and matched with the.. eh boots. Let's say i didn't see the hot car here. Just make it Wilder, like to that car. let me know..

Brandon 28 Jun 2005

Beautiful!! Love the car too. LOL. ~Brandon

Clif Jackson 25 May 2005

Boots? What boots?? ; )