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Pre Dawn Moon

Almost moonset time just before the sun came up one cold morning in February 2007 on the beach in Newport, Oregon.


Anonymous Guest

karen Salley'Rice 23 Jun 2009

great shot!

Anonymous Guest 14 Mar 2009

Beautifully done!

Cher Peterson 14 Jan 2009

Your images are so technically sound, and are beautifully composed. Another great image, Jo-Hanna.

Sandra Beraha 31 May 2008

You are Gifted

debbie collier 24 Apr 2008

Beautifully done!!!

Ann Nystrom Cottone 24 Apr 2008

This is a really beautiful shot!

Steve Farr 14 Apr 2008


John Enright 14 Apr 2008

i know this feeling.

Lili Segal 16 Feb 2008

Another MASTERPIECE, Jo-Hanna!

virginia mcgowan 30 Oct 2007


Betty Schwartz 17 Jun 2007

Thank you for braving the pre-dawn cold to bring us this perfect picture of a colorful, round, luminouss moon that most of us never see!

Curtis Fleming 26 Mar 2007

This is real impressive! amazing moon colour! would be great on a wall!

Karie Goffic 24 Mar 2007

wow, it's so beautiful

KC CHANG 24 Mar 2007


Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 24 Mar 2007

Spectacular Brilliant capture,Jo-Hanna!!!Gorgeous!!! A Masterpiece of Photography!!!:)

linda duffy 23 Mar 2007

amazing work jo-hanna beautiful capture xxxxxxxx

Denny Gholson 23 Mar 2007

Beautiful Jo-Hanna !

Jean M. Laffitau 23 Mar 2007

A large and big .... WOOOWWW!!!

Dean Swinfield 23 Mar 2007


Erin Musselman 23 Mar 2007

This is stunning--everything about it is wonderful!

bianca 23 Mar 2007

FANTASTIC...this is truly beautiful...

bert cortes 23 Mar 2007

Great photo, Jo-Hanna.

David Ellis 23 Mar 2007

Great shot jo-hanna!

Lauren Munger 23 Mar 2007

Geeezzz! I had to look at the category to make sure it wasn't a digital painting. I is so perfect it doesn't look real. A very beautiful and technically perfect photograph.

Emily Reed 23 Mar 2007