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Tile Cross Elizabethan Manor House

When I was growing up, 50 plus years ago, my grand-parents lived down the road from an old overgrown, derelict house. We called it the haunted house. Anyway a few years ago a brewery chain got hold of the building and turned it into a plastic gastro pub ( cheap booze and cheap food) they also plastered the front in white stucco. What I have tried to do is, by using artistic licence, is take it back to the way I think it would have looked in it's heyday. Hope it works?


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Joanie Holliday 08 Aug 2018


Artist Reply: Thanks Joanie, my grandparents lived down the road from there. Almost 60 years ago, then it was all overgrown with brambles and weeds. Us kids called the haunted house. Pub chain got hold of it a few years ago and completely wrecked it.

Ron Bedsole 28 May 2018

wonderful work

Lili 01 Jan 2014

Beautiful artwork, love the colors. Great work!

Artist Reply: Thank you Lili for your fantastic comments. I must apologise for coming back to you so late, as it's been some time since I last checked my site(very remiss I know). Once again thank you.
Artist Reply: Thank you Lili, take it as a great compliment when fantastic artists like yourself take the time to pass such a nice comment.

Pamela Rivera 05 Dec 2013

so elegant:)

Artist Reply: Thanks again Pamela, all this praise and I won't be able to get my head through the door, hahaha!!!
Artist Reply: Thank you Pamela. Makes it all worthwhile when I get feedback from an artist of your talent. Thank you again my friend.