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Pandemic Cure????


Kevin Lambeth

Great Britain
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Hi to all of you great artists out there, Must say a big thank you to all who have passed comments on my work, would also like to apolagise to you all as well, it may seem that I haven't bothered to get back to people who have passed comments on my ... Read More

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Recent Feedback

26 Jan 2021
you are absolute RIGHT Kevin - Ray
26 Jan 2021
were you at Arnhem Kevin - Ray
26 Jan 2021
a salute from a vet to another vet - Ray
07 Jan 2021
Sort of a marbling technique, I think. The colors and concept are good, Kevin. Enjoyable piece. I read your replies below and I can only tell you that the average deaths from influenza in the states is less than 40K a year and we've had over 360K deaths which makes covid-19 roughly 9 times as deadly as flu for us in the states. Of course, you need to factor stupidity and callousness into that equation as well. Stay safe over there, okay? :) - Charles
06 Jan 2021
thats cool - Ray

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