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It's one of my pet theories that each of us goes around in his (her or it's) own personal reality bubble. Some of us color everything with those proverbial rose-colored glasses but that doesn't necessarily make it so. Most of us focus on a couple of core values (or merely 'ideas') to the exclusion of most everything else. Anything that runs counter to the limited value set is blocked and comes across as just white noise, both visually and aurally. It's the only way I can explain how folks see and hear the same data but persist in reaching/maintaining wrong-headed conclusions. As I've said before, logic should be taught in schools right along side math and science. It is the key to understanding life/existence on more than just a low-rez or basic level. Logic and therefore 'reason' is an essential tool for living a more fruitful, productive and enlightened life. This is a 6 by 4.5 inches gel pen drawing with color pencil on medium bond acid-free paper. It is another example of Original Jones Art as he stubbornly, resolutely, maintains an infinitesimal slice of reason in an increasingly unreasonable (and therefore unreasoning) world here in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Ray Steele 24 Jul 2020


Ray Steele 24 Jul 2020

Remind of something that the great Padro Picasso had done great job

Artist Reply: Not that I've seen the entirely of P.P's oeuvre, but as abstracted as his later figurative work was, nothing along these 'lines' wells up in my memory. Of course, my memory isn't quite as sharp as it once was, Ray. But I take your comment as a superlative compliment and thank you mucho. :)

Ginger Olansen 22 Jul 2020

A Picasso!!! Excellent

Artist Reply: I think Pablo would say, "No, Senorita, that is definitely a CJ." Hope you are doing great. We only 'thought' we were socially isolated before this hit us square between the eyes (and hearts.) :)

Mitzi Delpho 22 Jul 2020

Creative, and fun.

Artist Reply: Thank you, Mitzi! Hope you are doing great and staying safe. :)