Pink Calla Lilies

I have noticed that there are now a great selection of colors that calla lilies are available now. Not just the white ones. I've seen shades of reds, pinks, yellows, oranges, and purples. I love the graceful form of the blossom so have begun to grow some in my new garden. They need some shade, but will spread through the roots and you can grow some varieties outdoors all year, and some grow very tall. A very elegant flower to study & paint. This is a digital painting, not a photo manipulation. You can see my brush strokes in the close up, and those have been blended smoother than they were to get the softer feel of the work. I used an electronic drawing tablet & wireless stylus pen, a Wacom, and Corel's art software Painter X. This took me many hours to finish, it's not an auto convert to a painting effect. I have to draw, paint, blend colors I pick, chose the brushes & sizes, mix color paints on a palette, and highlight, etc. I just use a stylus and chose the medium for the software to mimic. No clean up or set up, or drying time.


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Ai Shan 13 Aug 2008

Fantastic artwork!

Emily Reed 24 Jun 2008

Sensational, spectacular!

Artist Reply: Thanks Emily! I do love painting the lovely blossoms with this type of graceful curves.

Sharon Gonzalez 24 Jun 2008


Artist Reply: Thank you Sharon! I love Calla lilies, and will work on some more groupings soon.